Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Itekureta Koto~

Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Itekureta Koto~

First, It's not my screenshot, but here the source ==
HERE ... Thanks a lot Omni !

I just watched the OP and the ED before watching the full episode.
The OP is ~relaxing~ and the ED is pretty and It's even moving my heart 'just a little)
OP = Link
ED = Link [By the way ... does it remind you about the Maiden and the Prince Tale ?)

The rythm of the anime is ... peace ... not slow but I don't like sometimes how they linked some sequences ...well It's just a secondary detail.
The first episode introduce Marin and Urin, two maidens who found a beautifil Rings coming from our world they called "Sky". I can notice Maiden can't go in the human world without a special bracelet.
So they land on the human world ..during a festival (yay Matsuri !!) and [...] (I decided to shorten my story ^^) they meet the owner of the ring named Kanon. I let you discover why she threw this ring ...and why she threw it again ! XD
But Marin really wants to give the ring back to Kanon, so Marin and Urin continue to search. But ... something happen !!!!! *tadaa !!*

The serie plot will now be reveal the next episode .. *grr* I feel frustration, but a positive one ! I want to see the second episode !! To know what will happen.

So to conclude ;
Chara-design : nothing to say, great job !
Story : ...still mysterious ...
Acting voices : not bad but I'm not convinced by Kanon's voice

General : 7/10 ... It still mysterious but I feel I want to continue this serie :)