Penguins invading anime network ! Minori Scramble turn into anime

Yeah, I know the title is kinda a disaster type title ... no ? .. ah, thought so ... XD

Be serious now !
Since I didn't know at all about it, I will copy/paste the synopsis ^^ - credits to ANN
The "slapstick science comedy" revolves around Tamaki Kakegawa, a fifth-grade girl who dislikes penguins after having to deal with them so much because her father is a penguin researcher. The antics begin with the appearance of Minori, a penguinoid (penguin + android) created to overcome Tamaki's dislike of penguins.

And chain combo with the video below !

After watching the teaser, I got a sudden nostalgic feeling... Manabi Straight ! Yeah, I remember, this design, this feeling of "everything and idiocy can make anime" is here XD
Ufotable, I remember now, they do some nice thing ! I think with this little new animation, we will get some new fresh air of science-comedy anime.

But for the moment, they're still on the audition step ! Go Go Seiyuu !

source : ANN
Aya, couldn't resist at all, I watch straight Shiki, from the first episode to the ninth. At first, I thought it was a higurashi-like. But it is not. This is not a chinese puzzle, this anime is pretty good, I like the feeling during each episodes. Very intense for me, chilling in the idea because I'm trying to be at their place. I don't think Higurashi can be like that, because they're too surnatural (or too hardcore ^^'). Shiki is slowing turning from a slice of life (a slice of life ...just for 15 minutes from the first episode XD) to a mystery, to surnaturel, to horror. But still... we're in the "real world", others keep their human attitude, not turning into absurd (Higurashi gone wild !!! Wryyy).

The design is a little bit original, but ... it's not moe at all I'm sure ! Sometimes it's kinda creepy, I'm a little bit scared of those "full dark red eye" of those Kanemasa people. Especially Sunako. I never feel at ease while watching her. Also, I'm not a big fan of sharp chin, but just need to be used to it, that's all. And ... definitely becoming a fan of red eye, because here, they showed fear, horror .. huhuhu. It's eye of a predator ! not for bling bling ^^

The anime quality is pretty good, nice atmosphere playing with colors and background songs. Speaking of songs, the opening and ending are really nice ! Opening by Buck-Tick "Kuchizuke" is nice ! Ending is "Walk no Yakusoku" by nangi. And the effect played (like grey screen or light effect)  put red eye and gloomy atmosphere forward *shivering*.

Sunako desuu ! and a nice picture

Continue to read the post to see the review of the ninth episode ! (And more details for one who don't know the serie at all)

Here we go, the latest 15 seconds trailer !

Thanks Uvy for telling me !
Oya, some good new littles features I noticed during the trailer, yup ! Zabaniya got two "Lock-on" eyes on his shoulders. Re-watch his part in the trailer and you will see them when Zabaniya switch to gunfire mode.

Other little news, is about the Code Geass Gaiden, in project at the moment. Got the new nightmare frame the hero should be using during the anime. And it was confirmed on the official site.

Total Weirdness, it's a Nightmare Frame and Eureka Seven touch design ? Looks great, but still not convinced by the head and middle part. But Legs rock !

Source : Ngee Khiong and Yunakiti

MMD - epicness ... Vocaloid

Long time I haven't watched a MMD (MikuMikuDance) on youtube. And during MMD cup, there are always great videos ! And today, I was totally glued to my laptop screen watching this video XD

I don't know if you will feel the same, well I shared the video ^^
Enjoy it.
PS : I found it .. epic XD -- or how to use the yamaha logo and the leek-beam saber.
Surfing peacefully on the net, and got a sudden envy to visit Anime News Network. What's the first news I read ... 

The game Steins;Gate which was announced in anime a few weeks ago, finally got a little teaser for his anime title. Here the streaming video, however no anime footage, just pictures and music in background. A song picked in the game, composed by Takeshi ABO (Monochrome Factor) and Toshimichi ISOE (Myself;Yourself, Demonbane, Ayakashi)

Too bad we don't have single clue on the animation. However I have faith in the OST, if the opening have the same quality as the game opening, I thinks it's enough for me :P

Cencoroll 2

Hey, remember of Atsuya Uki, The man behind Cencoroll, an independant anime.

Well, we've got some crunchy information, the production of a supposed "Cencoroll 2" is up ! Got the green-lit.

It will be a continuation of Cencoroll, story, characters, we will finally see more about them and Cenco
It seems Cencoroll got a pretty good feed back, and most of the people wish to know more ... Yahoo, we will see Cenco again !!This mysterious little weird monster, that can transform in almost everything. Kind of impressive, I remember, I even said "I want one !!!" in my head while watching the OVA.

I pray that won't be abandonned later ! Let's pray for it ! It's one of seldom independant anime pearl, original, but incomplete, let's make it complete now ! *pray* ... ah .. who I can pray, I'm atheist... well just pray for their happiness and success !

Source : ANN / Atsuya Uki's blog
Little news !
The Japanese anime studio Sunrise has announced on Wednesday that Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer will have its North American premiere at New York Anime Festival on October 10 at 2:00 p.m. The premiere will be in Japanese with English subtitles.
I remind you the movie of 2 hours will be in japan cinema the 18th September ^^

Also, I will be forgiven if I post the official last trailer ..with english subtitle ? *puppy eyes*

I got high hope on this sequel, and it's better to be good, or I will threw away the Cherudim model I built  ! XD
PS : I didn't notice Setsuna was trying to speaking to Alien .. no to ELS

Source : ANN

Beelzebub is getting a TV anime !

Such an exciting title post, no ?

Well, you're not dreaming, Beelzebub, after getting an anime on the Jump super anime tour, it will get adapted in anime .. TV anime !!! Woot !

The advertisement lists the following cast members: Katsuyuki Konishi, Miyuki Sawashiro, Shizuka Itou, Aki Toyosaki, Tomokazu Seki, and Takahiro Mizushima.

And it's for this winter !! Beelzebub will get a premiere in January ! Yeah !!! Can't wait to see the wildness of Oga Tatsumi ! *__*
Source : ANN
Sorry to take the train on the way, but ... hey, I won't post again the latest trailer of gundam. I'm sure you already saw the 6 eyes Harut, or the kick-ass Zabanya .. or the pig fat - slim leg Raphael XD ... oh forgot the Quanta ^^

Well, I'm really sweet, I will post the last trailer out ^^

Pretty impressive show but I hope it will be the end of that long long story. Gundam versus Alien, seems the article in NikkanSports revealed something that will confirm rumors and the madness or the genius of the old geezer of Celestial Being.