Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom -- Review

This excellent show just end last week, I watched it today the time it's subbed (frankly ...why so much time to sub this show T_T).

Genres: action, psychological
Themes: assassins, crime, girls with guns
Plot Summary: A spate of mafia assasinations occurs in America, the work of the mysterious organization named Inferno. "Phantom" is their most strongest and capable assassin, however a lone tourist witnesses Phantom's latest act of murder. He unwittingly exposes the top assassin's true identity, a young girl named Ein. Witnesses are usually killed, but the man is captured and taken to be brainwashed into "Zwei", Inferno's newest assassin, with no memory of who he is. From this point on, Zwei is drawn into a world of conspiracy, deceit and violence.

[ANN source]

This is for me the biggest surprise of the season of anime, who expect to see such a high quality anime from nowhere (... not popular when the episode aired even if we can smelt the quality). In my opinion, people really underestimate this serie for some I-dunno-reason. I really love watching this show ! then let's enjoy the review ^^ [warning spoiler]

Princess Lover! - Serie Review


Genres: comedy, romance
Themes: ecchi, fanservice (yep !), harem, school
Plot Summary: Teppei Arima is a second-year high school student who lost both of his parents in a traffic accident on their way home from a family trip. His grandfather, Isshin Arima, happens to wield the puppet strings in Japan’s vast economy and demands that Teppei becomes his successor as the head of the Arima Group. To prepare for his debut into high society, Teppei enrolls in an elite academy for the scions of the rich and powerful.

[ANN source]
The serie just ended a few days ago. I take this chance to review it since I watch all 12 episodes.
You can take this chance to decide watching it or not. Frankly, I advice it for Boobs/Fanservice lovers.
Well, let's begin !

Forza Motorspot 3 - Demo review

It's been a while I haven't post under game label. Well, I'm back on this game I wait impatiently ! ^^

Forza Motorsport 3 - Reveal track : Fujimi Kaido with extra BLKJ drifters !
After a hard work day at school, I can finally go home and ... I was thinking during all the day : "Forza demo ! Forza demo" in my head. Yeah I sound a bit Otaku or Hardcore Gamer but no, I'm just impatient to take the controller and make roar the engine !
Finally, I can ! I steal the controller from my big bro and I push the right trigger : magical ! The engine sound terrible ! Roaring the engine of the Audi R8. Wonderful ! The engine sound real, and more when you watch a replay.

The first impression when I did my first lap on the audi r8, the Evo 10 (in no assist) really impressed me. I can give quick impression : beautiful, a real and immersive background and the car sound like Engine god !

I played again a few hours later. Let's "read more" to see a deeper review on the demo.

FALL Anime season V.2

FALL Anime season V.2.

Oh, already a Version 2, this is out really sooner than usual. Well, If you wish, take a look at the file (click to enlarge) to see summary and all. I invited you to watch preview done by THATAnimeblog (you find also, link for trailer even if you can find some of them on the blog but you have to search so ...). Well, Let's begin reading my anime fall list ^^ .... [to be continued]

Figurine lovers ~~ Vocaloid too ?

I'm at the moment so in love with these Figurines. Well, most of them are Vocaloid one but they're so cute ~~ If only I can pay or command them I do it now but too bad I can't T_T. *Prepare himself* I keep my money for next year then when I can do what I want (or almost but's freedom if I can go out of my origin city).
Well, I first, should thanks GoodSmile company for doing these cutie things.

Let's take a little tour : on the schedule, Alphard prototype, Race Queen and New collection 2009, and ... Little bonus with Tako Luka and a Black Rock Shooter Charm.

Anime news of the week

Hello everyone ~~ I'm here to sum up some anime news (only anime)
Again, this is not a new information from yesterday or this morning. It due to the fact I don't talk immediatly about it even if I know the news. Well the best are still Moetron, Japanator and of course Anime news network.

Well today announcement is :

Dance in the vampire Bund

Space Battleship Yamato

Ladies versus Butlers (picture unrelated)

Happy BirthDay Miku !

Yesterday (sorry, I couldn't post yesterday, I wasn't on the computer -_-'), the 31th August ...It's :
Happy 2nd Anniversary Miku !!
"Happy Bday" add by me, original picture by TakoSuke @Pixiv

You surely know I'm a fan of Miku, the character, but there is some pretty good song with her voice. She's pretty popular in the world now, and she's only 2 years old !!

Well ... Miku power !!! *<3*

But more than that, this moment of this year is also important. Last year, end august, I met great people that I will never forget because they have the same passion as me ... sometimes they're gundam meister freak or gundam seed freak, other just like drawing, other like talk ....but they were all my friends now. I will never forget them ... thanks Crunchyroll friends who became writers on this site, and Crunchyroll people who support me.
--- Thanks Lockon, Mia (ABC), Ronie (Sattha), Rai, and Maya (Yumekox) who help me for this blog.