Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom -- Review

This excellent show just end last week, I watched it today the time it's subbed (frankly ...why so much time to sub this show T_T).

Genres: action, psychological
Themes: assassins, crime, girls with guns
Plot Summary: A spate of mafia assasinations occurs in America, the work of the mysterious organization named Inferno. "Phantom" is their most strongest and capable assassin, however a lone tourist witnesses Phantom's latest act of murder. He unwittingly exposes the top assassin's true identity, a young girl named Ein. Witnesses are usually killed, but the man is captured and taken to be brainwashed into "Zwei", Inferno's newest assassin, with no memory of who he is. From this point on, Zwei is drawn into a world of conspiracy, deceit and violence.

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This is for me the biggest surprise of the season of anime, who expect to see such a high quality anime from nowhere (... not popular when the episode aired even if we can smelt the quality). In my opinion, people really underestimate this serie for some I-dunno-reason. I really love watching this show ! then let's enjoy the review ^^ [warning spoiler]

Plot - Story :

A strong story, multiple new developments ...etc. It's one of their good point. After "killing" Elen, I couldn't see what could happened after, and here come Cal : Reiji's Savior. This part is centered on him and Cal and place the end of the story with Scythe Master theater show. I'll skip all the blabla to go directly on the ending of the serie. First I couldn't understand Elen's reaction, but after re-watching one more time, it seems she saw he's dead and kill herself with these flowers ...or maybe she's just looking at the sky. This is a total open Ending that make work your imagination. The only thing I'm sure, it's the fact that a lot of character died. A sad ending for this serie but I didn't cry, I rather ask question to myself and on this ending that shocked me.

Characters :
They all have a specific objective, a special character ... they are all different. The personality of these characters are really developped like in a novel. Some are complex to understand like Scythe Master, other are really full of loneliness and sadness like Cal, others fight their "phantom" destiny. I really appreciate this factor, they make a bigger personality and diversity in the anime. The most attracting character for me is Cal. Who fight against the person she need the most, trying to forgot Reiji betrayal. Reiji is also interesting, since he's a natural kind person, he have to kill to survive, this is what he thinks to be able to kill people. Even though, his character will reveal his true color with Elen, and of course Cal !

Design :
Pretty classic, no unrealistic way to draw characters. Even though it's a classic and normal design, I add they have their little charism in their own way. Look Cal adult or Reiji in host mode (during Cal's part).
Animation :
Great job from Nitro + and of course BeeTrain ! I have nothing to say on animation which look almost perfect for these action scene. Even if the characters (Elen and Reiji have some kind of supernatural move), they keep trying to make it realistic.

Voice cast :
It's good cast. Elen's voice is one I love the most, since she can transcribe the sadness and the child who lost her past behind her voice. Cal, and Reiji have great seiyuu behind them, because they can left their feeling on you heart through their speaking. Cal and Reiji is suffering and we can hear it.
Scythe Master sarcastic voice (and irritating) is the good choice. Even they are no superstar seiyuu in, they still found a good cast behind the show ^^

Sound Track :

I didn't hang on the OP and ED. They are not bad but my style at all.
For the background song, some of them are good, others doesnt suit (in my opinion) like Cal's theme I didn't appreciate (in spite of these sensual voice). During action scene, the song is entertaining and keep an intense atmosphere. In general, the soundtrack can be weird sometimes but they really does fit the serie.

Entertainment :

Action scene : ok, emotion scene : ok, duel .... oh wait, everything is okay ! I was really catched in the action (I watched 12 episoded in one day to catch everyone since I stopped watching because of load of works). The only boring moment is during summary episode.

Overall -- 16/20, one of the greatest gunfight/action serie I ever watch ^^. I'm fully satisfied after watching it. I really advise this anime for every gunfight lover. The plot is really something, only the end which open your imagination and let's you make your vision of this end.

Thanks for reading ! Please leave your opinion/comment.

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Jelly said...

Great images to compliment the points in your review! Hope this inspires people (like me) to start watching Phantom xD

Maya said...

Great review kiddo x3 I don't even need to add my awesome comment xD Seriously, I'm sure it'll make many ppl want to watch this great anime
Oh and nice Elen pic btw =)

Evyl-kun said...

The last pic ? ..I know i know since I choose it ! haha