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MMD - epicness ... Vocaloid

Long time I haven't watched a MMD (MikuMikuDance) on youtube. And during MMD cup, there are always great videos ! And today, I was totally glued to my laptop screen watching this video XD

I don't know if you will feel the same, well I shared the video ^^
Enjoy it.
PS : I found it .. epic XD -- or how to use the yamaha logo and the leek-beam saber.

Figurine lovers ~~ Vocaloid too ?

I'm at the moment so in love with these Figurines. Well, most of them are Vocaloid one but they're so cute ~~ If only I can pay or command them I do it now but too bad I can't T_T. *Prepare himself* I keep my money for next year then when I can do what I want (or almost but's freedom if I can go out of my origin city).
Well, I first, should thanks GoodSmile company for doing these cutie things.

Let's take a little tour : on the schedule, Alphard prototype, Race Queen and New collection 2009, and ... Little bonus with Tako Luka and a Black Rock Shooter Charm.

Happy BirthDay Miku !

Yesterday (sorry, I couldn't post yesterday, I wasn't on the computer -_-'), the 31th August ...It's :
Happy 2nd Anniversary Miku !!
"Happy Bday" add by me, original picture by TakoSuke @Pixiv

You surely know I'm a fan of Miku, the character, but there is some pretty good song with her voice. She's pretty popular in the world now, and she's only 2 years old !!

Well ... Miku power !!! *<3*

But more than that, this moment of this year is also important. Last year, end august, I met great people that I will never forget because they have the same passion as me ... sometimes they're gundam meister freak or gundam seed freak, other just like drawing, other like talk ....but they were all my friends now. I will never forget them ... thanks Crunchyroll friends who became writers on this site, and Crunchyroll people who support me.
--- Thanks Lockon, Mia (ABC), Ronie (Sattha), Rai, and Maya (Yumekox) who help me for this blog.

Black Rock Shooter and Canaan

I love figurine, and cute one are .... *__*
Always having a "me want" attitude when I see one of them ^^.
Black Rock Shooter and Canaan ... they have things in common like .. being in this news ? or having Nendoroid ? Well, .. maybe an anime now ....

First, let's begin with Canaan, here two beautifuls figures : a nendoroid one and 1/8 scale figure.
- Nendoroid Canaan [more information/pics here]
  • Price 3,500 Japanese Yen
  • Release Date 2009/12
  • Specifications Painted ABS&PVC posable figure - not to scale - stand included - approximately 100mm in height
  • Sculptor Itou Reiichi
- Figure 1/8 Canaan [more information/pics here]
  • Price 8,800 Japanese Yen
  • Release Date 2010/01
  • Specifications Painted PVC figure - 1/8 scale - approximately 200mm in height
  • Sculptor Kunihito Iwamoto
A CANAAN release, only on the character Canaan but you know there is an Alphard Nendoroid and surely a 1/8 scale figure also (in project ?) ---- picture here : [1] [2].
There are so cool, I want both of them ! It's on my dream list ... when I'm free and live alone I will buy them :P

Let's go for Black Rock Shooter news now ....