Figurine lovers ~~ Vocaloid too ?

I'm at the moment so in love with these Figurines. Well, most of them are Vocaloid one but they're so cute ~~ If only I can pay or command them I do it now but too bad I can't T_T. *Prepare himself* I keep my money for next year then when I can do what I want (or almost but's freedom if I can go out of my origin city).
Well, I first, should thanks GoodSmile company for doing these cutie things.

Let's take a little tour : on the schedule, Alphard prototype, Race Queen and New collection 2009, and ... Little bonus with Tako Luka and a Black Rock Shooter Charm.

Alphard in full action, Like Canaan, a little peek on the figurine before their release, surely around December for this one. But ...hey I want a set Canaan [1] with this Alphard Figurine which is sublimous~ and maybe a background for Christmas and I will be a happy man for all winter holiday ! :)

The new collection ...I want all ! I know I'm so greedy some times. But the Race Queen set (right small picture) with Miku, Rin and Luka in Race Queen is ... *_* This set miss something, the GT300 Bmw Miku from StudieGlad in model (this SD car doesn't count lol).
Well, the Race Queen set have to be reserved in advance and it cost 3.000 Yens (22.5 € / 33 $). More information here -- GoodSmile : Race Queen set

Takoluka is Back ! And she's more adorable ! 3 littles versions of this Charm, Smiling face, Laughing and Drooling (I pick the Laughing one) with different colored pots. .... I want this little cutie charm key with the BRS *point down* .... oh yeah I know, I want everything but this sort of thing, I can afford them because it's cheap : 800 Yens one (6€ / 8.5 $)
More information -- GoodSmile [TakoLuka Charm]

But too bad, the BRS charm is only for 10 lucky men/women who provide feedback for the upcoming BRS anime. More information [here], you just have to fill your participation paper and write your feedback on it.
I invited you to go on Kyouran Kyoudai post [here] to see more information on the pilot edition BRS. In my thought, it's simply something good that will happen soon. I'll wait to see the first episode (and ...long time I haven't download anime to watch --> always stream :P)