Princess Lover! - Serie Review


Genres: comedy, romance
Themes: ecchi, fanservice (yep !), harem, school
Plot Summary: Teppei Arima is a second-year high school student who lost both of his parents in a traffic accident on their way home from a family trip. His grandfather, Isshin Arima, happens to wield the puppet strings in Japan’s vast economy and demands that Teppei becomes his successor as the head of the Arima Group. To prepare for his debut into high society, Teppei enrolls in an elite academy for the scions of the rich and powerful.

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The serie just ended a few days ago. I take this chance to review it since I watch all 12 episodes.
You can take this chance to decide watching it or not. Frankly, I advice it for Boobs/Fanservice lovers.
Well, let's begin !

Plot - Story :
The plot, first seems really promising. Teppei looking for a revenge, for his parent's sake. I expected something dark since revenge is not a "fuwa fuwaa" motive. I was really afraid to see the serie turning into a harem episode after episode with all these attracting girls. And, what a shame, the story take the bad road and fall slowly into harem, making us forgot little by little Teppei's objective. When the terrorist attack (at the time we didn't know the chief is Haltman), the tension arise a little ... but what lead the story in his deep fall is surely Haltman reason : a ridiculous one. There is a difference between the reason and his act = absurdity.
It started good but ended on the floor. I had high hopes in it but it's finally a simple harem like others.

Characters :
Teppei attitude and thinking is interesting, someone who understand and don't restrain himself (aka...episode 6) someone who respect others (I always like this aspect in a hero), ... well not really when the serie end. Should I say naive or simply too forgivable toward his parent's killer. He's really too kind but he has a good will and I respect it. Sylvie/Seika are the stereotype, Sylvie of the best friend, Seika of the strict student. Charlotte is simply the good-mood character, never fail to entertain us with her body and her talk.
To sum up, main characters is not really interesting, but secondary character is ^^, Alfred is fun and loyal, and of course king Nezu with his superior servant talk,I always laugh of his behaviour.


Design :
Design is a success ! Boys are greatly draw, I like this little drawing style. In addition, girls are also good, even if the realistic dimension was kicked out for Sylvie, Yuu, Charlotte of course ... etc. with their chest. Well this made the pleasure of men since in fan service, they are served. (seriously ...too big for me :|). The little context of "cosplaying" part indirectly in the anime with a typical maid, a princess like Cinderella and a warrior like Saber, it was attractive too ^^

Animation :
In general, it's pretty good ! Even if people focalized too much on boing boing of these boobs sometimes. I don't even want to know in DVD uncensored version (and of course, better than TV version ^^). They sometimes did some little mistake like the mysterious return of Charlotte in the train in the last two episodes.

Voice cast :
Voice are not bad, they are correct and greatly represented (Nezu Haruhiko is a good one haha). Girl's voice are both good, the feeling of a mother in Yuu, Sylvie who act like a strong girl, Charlotte who is the endless cute princess and Seika who play the strict female character. All of them have a good tone in the voice.

Entertainment :
Some are great, some are boring ..too be precise 1/3 of episodes was great. Big irregularity in episode entertainment. The comedy scene was for most of all interesting and fun, action scene are sometimes great, sometimes boring to death. From now, the best episode was the onsen episode [here]. The beginning was epic, I wish to find a pic of Maria in this magical warrior clothes.

Overall -- 12.5/20 ... not bad, not good, This is a fan service show, if you wish to look then don't expect a great story and complexity. The best episode are in the beginning but the end is really disappointing.


Anonymous said...

Ah I see what you mean....a series composed of only fan-service = fail.

Anonymous said...

Ah I see what you mean....a series composed of only fan-service = fail.