Kuroshitsuji Season II episode 9

First of all lets celebrate the come back of that blog *claps*!

I am not a Japanese speaker, thats why I will write down my first impressions on teh RAW episode and then the one to the subbed one.

Welcome back, master

Hey everyone ! It's been a while since the last update ... maybe some of you noticed the new layout. "New layout, but no new post ? weird" you're saying, huh. Well it's just I'm not done, the layout is almost finished.

If some of you asked why I suddenly stopped blogging, it's not like I gave up on blogging, just like every students, they have exams and ... seriously it's not a joke, need to work harder and harder to get the shiny paper where is written the famous "You failed passed" =D
It's also a key for my future too, so it was necessary. Sorry for not saying on the blog.