Kuroshitsuji Season II episode 9

First of all lets celebrate the come back of that blog *claps*!

I am not a Japanese speaker, thats why I will write down my first impressions on teh RAW episode and then the one to the subbed one.

Well I had high hopes for this episode, just because of the preview. You guys have all seen it right? Sebastian surrounded by that dark energy and his eyes glowing. I was drooling like a kid, because I thought that he would turn into his real form. Also meaning that a lot must have happend that he actually turns into his true form.

Well kuro has turned total yaoi, defenitely! Claude is after Ciel after he got to taste his blood ( and had that claudgasm) and saw how Ciel acts as master. He plots with his demon companions how to get him.
Ciel and sebastian have to go to London at the meantime, since a kid got attacked by a mysterious stranger and its like ever their duty to solve this case. I had a bad feeling from the second on as sebastian placed Ciel in that box to ensure his security. Darn you demon butler, you have not only lost your demon sense, maybe also your brain? A BOX??? Well Ciel himself is questioning Sebastians loyalty, because of that what Alois had told him.

Well sebastian happend to meet Grells apprentice and the cool glass wearing Shinigami William T Speers. They end up in a fight, since we all know that Shinigami are not on good terms with demons who play butlers. ( sry that I don´t get that part, but I waited for the real thing to happen >-<)

At the meantime Ciel who did leave that SECURITY BOX chased after Alois Trancy , and obvious trap to us, but not to that poor boy. In the end he himself got caught by 3 guys who call him Alois Trancy. Even Hanna appeared to make clear that he is the real Alois Trancy. They grab him and bring him in a cellar to torture him through dunking him into water again and again. The poor boy gets brainwashed by Claude Faustus ( who I sincerly hate now, since I am a Ciel lover) who made him believe that he is Alois with placing the red ring at his index finger.

Sebastian arrives at the scene, with an deeply serious and angry face, passes Hanna with her huge pervy gun and reaches the scene. He is shocked over his master state and wants to help him, but Ciel who is now alois also hates Sebastian and orders him to leave. ( I am sure he did) Sebastian shows the most painful expression we will ever say ( Totaly yaoi) and leaves.

In the end we see Cielois returning to his mansion with his loyal butler Claude Faustus. ( he is still wearing the contract mark on his left eye *___*) And Sebastian walking away from the sunset surrounded by this beautiful dark aura. Yes he is angry..hehe~

MiuANNA, happy to be back


Star said...

I also saw the raw and the subbed version (finally subbed, yey!) and I must say I never expected to hate a character so deeply just because of two episodes xD. Claude is a soab u.u... At the beginning I didn't like Alois that much, he was a real brat, etc., but throughout the episodes I started to like him. So when he did that to poor Ciel (whom I also like), I HATED HIM!! And poor, poor Sebastian, that face tore out my heart TT-TT... But I just wish he'll 'wipe the spiders before dinner' quickly xDD. I loved how he was so angry his 'human form' started to change. It's so cool *-*.