Welcome back, master

Hey everyone ! It's been a while since the last update ... maybe some of you noticed the new layout. "New layout, but no new post ? weird" you're saying, huh. Well it's just I'm not done, the layout is almost finished.

If some of you asked why I suddenly stopped blogging, it's not like I gave up on blogging, just like every students, they have exams and ... seriously it's not a joke, need to work harder and harder to get the shiny paper where is written the famous "You failed passed" =D
It's also a key for my future too, so it was necessary. Sorry for not saying on the blog.

And summer ... yeah of course, summer means vacation, holiday under the sun, beach, eating ice cream (need need need !!! x) ) but for me, it was work work and work ^^  so .... time ... free time is not really here. And during my free time I'm often on photoshop or chatting with friends so .. the blog came after. Of course, I watch anime, but not as much as before. I don't even know if I will have time after I went to my new school >.< .... I will just pray to have time then.

I blog one more time, I'm not dead ... however I will be kind of busy this year, so the blog won't be as lively as before. Of course, all the writers on the blog aren't dead too, just, they are more busy than me ! This is the case for everyone I think, but we won't see for a while Lockon, Rai, Ronie and Yumeko. I will be here, and my dear nakama ABC too !

So what's new about the blog, well, still talking about anime, manga, and everything we love. But no more streaming. For many reason, there are such site like animecrazy or animedreaming that are really quick with a high quality of streaming so I don't have exclusivity-for-some-hours anymore ^^ and also because they're really doing a good job and it's better to see them.
And, ... and .. well we will see later what kind of change I can bring to the blog, ne *innocent eyes*

PS : Also, need to prevent you, there are some fu***ng spammer who blog their adult links (they're writing in japanese) so ... thanks to them I put the comments under moderation now.
PS.2 : ohohoh ... ... Sorry for the long talk ^^'