Code Geass GAIDEN - New anime project revealed !!

This year, Kawaguchi Yoshitaka made an announcement about a new project about Code Geass. Well, I first thought it was the new manga .. but no, that's not it !
But, a big announcement was made ... Code Geass GAIDEN : Boukoku no Akito (or Code Geass sequel : Akito of the ruined nation). We have a synopsis and some picture, but nothing was revealed ... We can only imagine a little how the atmosphere can be. But we can't dig in more.
Pictures : [1] [2] [3]

Synopsis --
In this broken world, we still dream
The hellish European front.
A small squad infiltrates enemy territory to save their allies.
That squadron’s Nightmare Devicers are boys and girls from Zone 11.
The mission’s chance of success is only 5%.
Why do they fight
Staff -- (we know so far)
  • Director: Akane Kazuki
  • Scenario: Morita Shigeru
  • Character Design: Kimura Takahiro
  • Mecha Design: Yasuda Akira
A special thanks to Moetron for the news, and the source !

My thoughts :
Nice to see Code Geass back, I like (more I loved !) in general, the anime. I just dislike a bit how they accelerated the rythm, and made an unbalanced anime at the end, where action-tension-peaceful-love are badly distributed.
A sequel (or side story) which will surely be in the Code Geass world, but not related to Lelouch story or even to CC. Or it can be an another world - with Geass as main theme. I can't tell much since there are a minimum of information, but I just hope it will answer lots of our questions (us, watchers and fans) and it won't be a cheap anime to make money with the name of Code Geass behind.

Well ... let's wait people !!! *All HAIL CODE GEASS*