To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - serie ended - review


At the beginning, I thought To Aru Kagaku no Railgun will be a simple sequel with slice of life and nothing interesting, and not related to the Index serie. However after some episodes, I'm forced to the conclusion that Railgun isn't like that. Railgun is just related to Index serie by the world and the character. It's a complete other story, with Biribiri as the main character. A story I thought was "slice of life" but in reality everything was connected, it was more than a slice of life. So after 24 episodes, my mind was satisfied. It's an anime which is better than I expected. And with Durarara, they keep me busy when I have nothing to do. To have my general impression on the show, well I really enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. And now, I ask a new "To Aru" serie !!

/!\ Warning - spoiler if you didn't watch the last episode.

Saten's power, wind control, something we will never see ... instead of a biribiri chasing an unlucky man

Railgun is good serie, better than Index ? ... it's hard to say. But I swear you're having a great anime infront of you.
There were tons of great action. And I'm not disappointed on this point. If you combine it with a great animation, you can obtain great scene like the one with Telestina's big yellow mecha (triple "great"). Well the animation part was very good so I have no complain. The part "slice of life" is good also, with character like Kuroko or Saten, you're never annoyed.
Lot of fun with these characters. Kuroko weird fanatism for her "onee-sama", or the geko power with Misaka. It's something. And, I like also to know why Uiharu has her flower belt on her head, it's almost a part of herself. So mysterious. And even some characters you never notice, or you found them annoying (like Kongou Mitsuko with her fan) become interesting (even if, in Kongou's case, it was just her part in the finale which are cool, with her weirdest power). At the end, Saten did something which made her useful (and not useless as she thought before) so I suppose when Railgun ended, everyone was happy and satisfied since they all did their objectives.

Well, I didn't notice bad thing I dislike, aside it was disturbing to not see how the different arc could be related each other. Glad to see the finale arc concluded this problem. Telestina was the one who pull the string from behind since the beginning, it just happened Misaka and Judgement are always in their way (and too bad for them).

To end, my favourite arc was the Level Upper with Saten and the fight against this monster. It was one of the most awesome part, and it made me post about this episode (episode 12, arc cover episode 6 to 12). An arc which mixed emotion, frustration, friends, and motivation. Since the beginning, I never thought Kiyama was really mean, she just want to save her students. And she's determined to do it ! Uwaah ! A great part, and the most interesting in my opinion. Even the end of Railgun doesn't stand against the Level Upper arc ! ... Or maybe, this, ...amazing I said right after I saw it XD.

What I love :
+ Animation !! Godly good !
+ The relation between the 4 main protagonist
+ The atmosphere, you can't sleep when you watch one episode
+ Touma and Index appear, and it sometimes give us hint of when is the Railgun part compared to Index serie (at the end, we saw Touma, but he already lost his memory)

What I dislike :
- ... maybe the soundtrack could be more strongly marked, even if the second ending is really good
- Not much guys
- Telestina superior's face

I recall it's forbidden to ride with two persons behind you on a bike :3