Arakawa under the bridge - First impression

Arakawa Under the Bridge - OP - Large 06Arakawa Under the Bridge - 01 - Large 12
I intend to watch it since the beginning ... since I read the plot summary.
Here it is --

Ichinomiya Kou has always lived according to the creed of his wealthy, successful family: never be in debt to anyone. But one day, under the Arakawa Bridge, his life is saved by a homeless girl named Nino. In order to pay her back, Kou promises to be her boyfriend; and thus begins his new life under the bridge.

Oh well, I thought : "It's SHAFT, so it's surely something good." However I need to confirm it by reading the plot. No doubt ! after reading it, I said "interesting ! .. this plot can turn into something great and unbelievable (laugh)". I judged the main character could be really special, by his "never be undebted" attitude and the situation he is.


Well, so I was sure to watch the first episode. It... It's fun. Not a second I was annoyed during the first episode. And less for the second episode. A really entertaining anime I could say after two episodes. No doubt, it's like SHAFT : atypical, unbearable situation for the main character, and lot of fun.
Let's go further then !

Arakawa Under the Bridge - 02 - Large 08
The "Petit Prince"

Arakawa Under the Bridge - 01 - Large 33

Arakawa Under the Bridge - 02 - Large 28
Starman and his sibling ... hum ... Missile-chan ?

Arakawa Under the Bridge - 02 - Large 35
It's ..Black Lagoon !! Hell yeah .. ah no ? it's Arakawa ?

Arakawa Under the Bridge - ED - Large 01
A rockstar ... or star-rock

Arakawa Under the Bridge - 01 - Large 43
Nino : Time to sleep ... hum no ? it's time to comment.

The design and the overall animation and atmosphere is like SHAFT usually did. Nothing to be surprised. Lot of shiny scene, a clean design, beautiful background and always trying to improve the comics.
On the sound, ... eh ? music ? ..well the OP and ED aren't so bad, I liked how original they are, especially the OP. But who need songs ! Some expression sounds and environment sound is enough ! No, the musical background is really shy, but I doubt it will be burden for the anime. Well, that's my thought after two episodes. I didn't pay a lot of attention to it afterall .... -_- (shame on me !)
I like the fact the episode is cut into little sketch. It's give a special title for each main scene. And SHAFT did well to show "Riku" (aka Rikuruit = Recruit, his new name) situation ! I almost laught all the time.
And the characters ... they are all special, and I begun to like Nino (lol, how Kappa mayor found their name) and the Kappa of course ! They are from an other planet ... totally out of line ! And this always played between reality (through us, spectator and Riku) and them (inhabitant of the river). Characters are one of the strong point of this anime, beside the quality of the show.

I have a lot of fun, I think this anime can be entertaining for everyone. They managed to keep a good rythm and of course to keep us enjoying it !!

..and to end .. KAPPA KICK !!!! (and see you next time for the third episode)
Arakawa Under the Bridge - 02 - Large 26


Jelly said...

yup yup

before i read the caption of the first screenshot you posted, i thought the same thing. give the girl a haircut and some white clothes and she'll definitely look like that Starship Prince.

Come to think of it, i haven't seen a comical anime since the Soul Eater era.. it's refreshing to have one this season, and that producer, "SHAFT" seems like a rising giant -- hope they bring enough spice into this series to make it more palpable!

Looking forward to more reviews on this series :)