Gundam Unicorn Third PV

I post this morning the screenshot, now, here come the video streaming ^^
I found it a few hours ago, in SRW hotnews' comment and I download the video and upload it. Too bad I got a problem right after, and I couldn't post it .. well, whatever it's here !! Enjoy the video !

What do you think ? Look cool eh ! ^^ Well, for the moment, nothing shock me but I was interested by the Blue gundam (the one looks like a jet plane gundam). I have nothing bad to say about it so ... wouh ! *begin to run happily*

EDIT : seems on FlickR, video stop at 90 seconds, I forgot there is a limit so you miss 1minutes of the PV ...sorry, I upload it somewhere else ^^
Hey ! This morning, this is time for a bunch of the screenshot of the third PV of Unicorn. I'm too lazy to upload them on the net, so I send you to the original source for these pictures ^^, I thank him a lot, since the video is nowhere for the moment so ... Some delicious teaser of the last PV (I suppose it's the last one).

Link on picture, please click on it

I wait the PV to be released officialy but if you can not wait, then you can go and hear (and watch) the main theme song by Chiaki Kuriyama.

Dance In The Vampire Bund opening

Dance in the Vampire Bund opening

I know kiddo wants to post this anime himself, so I'm only posting its great opening xP Dance in the vampire bund seems to be one of the most promising anime of the winter season, and the episode 1 didn't disappointed me when I watched it so I can't wait for episode 2 to be subbed x3 There's nothing really special about this opening, but you can see the quality of the drawings and of the animation in it, and that's why I posted it here so you can all admire it xD I didn't post the ending too, but you can always go and check it out (especially guys I guess :P)
Anyhoo, try this anime out and let's see if it will really turn out as great as I think it will ^__^

Evyl ----
Don't call me Kiddo ! -_-
Well, I add my point of view on this opening. Coming from Shaft, I was a little bit disappointed, I waited a opening more darker and romantic ... This is romantic but too bright, I always dislike bright animation *argh ! my eyes !* However I agree there is a great chara-design and it's pretty well animated ^^
For the song, I found nothing interesting, not a cool voice which can reach our heart, neither a beaty rythm ... well something dull and boring. Too bad but the best opening of this season isn't Dance in the vampire bund.
PS : The most promising anime ? ...for it's more Durarara !
PS.2 : I will review the two first episode later this week-end :)
PS.3 : Oii !! Kevin, are you here ?!

Fall season review part II

First post of the year 2010, yeah ! And I wish to everyone a great year full of emotion and happiness ! Oh, and I suppose you notice but we're in a tiger year (after the cow year). It's Taiga (Toradora) year in short ! haha .. Oh and if you miss the first part, it's okay ^^ you can follow this link so you won't be left behind.
By the way, I also ended Seiken no blacksmith however I posted in this post since I finished today. In summary, we will talk in this post about series I began (more than one episode) and there is a ton : Book of Bantorra, Railgun, Letter Bee, Fairy Tail and Kampfer. Kimi ni Todoke and Kobato can be in the post but since I'm blogging them, I thought it's unnecessary to put them in.

Enjoy again the fantastic Kemeko power !!
A great anime comedy is always with a great ending, and Scream guy played perfectly the guitar .... so great and so skillz !

Enjoy the music (wooh !) and the video !