Fall Season end ...

As you know, and I'm sure you can feel the change, we're already in winter (it's still autumn for me, it rain hard and almost everyday ...Give me back my sunny day). So it mean the end of the fall season anime. Well, there are some exception : show of 25 episodes (or more) like Fairy Tail, Letter Bee or Railgun ...etc.
However, this post is kinda a summary of my thought on this season. I will only write a comment on the anime I take a look or I ended (so don't wait for a Trapeze or Yumeiro Patissiere) well Let's begin with the one which end.

Artist : Plastick

Nyan Koi - end
I won't repeat myself since I already made a post about (no, no favouritism ^^) on it.
Link : Nyan Koi comment.

Darker Than Black : Ryusei no Gemini - end
A sequel of Darker than Black. It doesn't follow the first season's story and what a shame because I haven't find the plot good at all. The end was again too much twisted (like the magician who appear at the end) and absurd. Shion power is too much, and Inazami's goal (Yin) is so confused. I regret the show was so short because if they could develop it into 24 episodes, it could be something better, they could exploit the plot. And of course, like the first season (but worst), we end the anime with more questions than at the beginning and it's kinda frustrating (who is the boy who look so much like Yin). However, I appreciated the OST better than the jazzy one of DtB, a really good one with a excellent artist behind it (he did Hellsing ost also) but I hate the fact they choose Stereop-thing- to do the opening because it doesn't suit at all at the show and I request they do the opening with this song from the ost ! By the way you can download it in torrent on BSS fansub site ^^
I like :
+ The superb soundtrack ! *Untz Untz* *shaking head*
+ Animation worthy of DtB
+ Fight
I dislike :
- The opening
- The story underexploited
- Hei lost his power -_- and Mao is no longer in a cat's body
- Shion power, exagerated
Overall : A good show, not a real sequel of DtB but worthy to watch if you love end with a frustated face.

11 Eyes - end
Look very similar at Chaos Head at the first look. An parallel world : the Red Night and a special main character (who is here, Kakeru Satsuki). Well, I enjoy this show and it's one of the most surprising of this season since it really catch my attention. The story is good and well exploited. A lot of twist moment, unexpected action ...etc.
I like :
+ The world
+ The story
+ A tense atmosphere
+ one fake episode ^^
I dislike :
- The classic end (it's not really a default, it's ... I want more)
- Maybe a better animation ...
- No original design or something different.
Overall : A surprising anime, better than I thought. I advise this anime if you like no-linear story and Chaos Head.

Sora no Otoshimono - end
Second funny anime, not accessible like Nyan Koi but this type of humor is unstoppable. I was seduced by the humor (I laughed so much ... specially with the bomb underwear episode) and it's a good point. But it's not simply a pervert anime (no the pervert is Tomoki), in my thought, the biggest point is the development of the story and the character feeling. It present characters denses (even the pervert guy, yeah) full of feeling and complex. We are really getting attached to them and It's been a long time I haven't feel this sensation on a short anime like it.
I like :
+ The characters (Tomoki, Ikaros, Nymph (better development of her in the anime and one of my fav' character since I feel her kindness and sadness) ...etc.)
+ The story (I read the manga, it's really something after ...)
+ Sakurai Tomoki, an interesting guy, really ...
+ The design
+ Different ED for each episode, and they're pretty cool
+ Better than the manga, since it's more coherent
+ Quality of the animation
I dislike :
- Second season ???
- "He" killed a budgie ! bastard !
Overall : I don't find a real default on this show, but I can say it's one of the best of this season. Maybe not the most popular, but even people who can't laugh on pervert humor (not always pervert) I'm sure they can appreciate the depth of those characters.

Asura Cryin II - end
I found it good, not for the same reason of the one above but because it was interesting. His strenght came from the story and the main characters. In summary, it's the average good anime, who have his charm and attraction. The world is original, and even if the character are not so complex as Sora no Otoshimono, they're still interesting. The mecha was something too, not the best look but it's so mysterious when you look at it. I would like to say a word about the final episode, it has a good ending (good ending is for not having hatred letter lol) but the final fight was too much Gurren Lagaan and the animation wasn't good enough to follow it seems, I regret it doesn't have a better quality.
I like :
+ The originality
+ The story
+ The character
+ Mecha ^^
I dislike :
- Some quality drop
- Animation could be better, what a shame
- Maybe the broken rythm of the show at the end can disturb a little
Overall : It's the average shonen which, despite his average quality, attracted us ... Really entertaining.

I stopped for tonight, it's midnight and I wish to sleep early today ^^
So, next part will show the unfinished anime ! See you next time for the second part of of the "Fall season end ..." *waves*
Second part here !