Gundam 00 movie - mecha lineart

Lineart revealed ^^
just enjoy ... I'm going to eat so I will post my comment later.

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[source : SRW Hotnews]

Just for fun, I saw this picture the midday ... ^^
Evyl : Oh, my ....look surprising. I didn't expect Zabiniya to look like this. After what I heard Setsuna and Lyle will pilot more than one suit : these two above and the Dynames R-2 with GN-Condensor (sort of trigger on the back) and maybe a Exia (R-3/4) or a special GN-Flag fighter. And maybe it's the reason of the weird form of the GN-Drive on the Quanta and the Zabiniya or they haven't simply put it in. Unlike it, the Harut and Raphael doesn't show the GN-drive , we could suppose the drive is a part of the suit like a reactor energy.
Well, let's begin with the Quan[T] --
It use the new technology Quantum (surely some sort of powered-up Trans-am or teleporting like the 00 did in trans-am) and doesn't have much weapon, simply GN-sword IV and Shield who act like a container with 6 (+ if u count the GN sword, that make seven= Seven sword mobile suit = Exia lineage) funnels who are called Sword bits. Interesting to see it's from the 00 gundam and Exia lineage so it mean it's a short-middle range since the use of sword bits make the action zone bigger. But it seems it abandon the gun-rifle on this suit.
In term of design, we could say ...empty is the word, it surely look better in action and animated but this is too empty for, I prefer more swords or knifes on the entire body-part because it's ...too light now it look unbalanced for me. It's just my personal opinion ^^

However, here come the Zabaniya who is the gunner and no more the sniper.
It's the biggest change from the previous suit of Lockon meister, but it's surely because of the pilot who need a gundam which suit his speciality since ...remember, he wasn't in ease in Cherudim.
As the information said, Zabaniya is from the Cherudim lineage and it carry two big suitcases called GN-Holster. These containers look like a shield and carry various weapons (gun-pistol to heavy weapon).

Go on Harut, no big change on the first look, but it look more a Archer-Kyrios gundam. They simply add the two cannon of Archer and more missile. and to finish, it's still transforming and his skills are still fast and massive attack-bombing (missiles).
And ...the weird one, Raphael. I notice it looks like a Gadessa suit with the technology of the Reborn gundam (the two cannon above).
I'm not convinced by these design, I prefer the first season one, however they look really special and a mecha doesn't need to look like a human to be a gundam ^^
It's interesting on an another side to see they push the limit further, the 4 suits are more than being complementary ... The original concept is still not forget.

Ronie: Gundammmm~ xD
Ahem, anyways~ Just wondering (more likely, curious), what are those box-looking things attached at the back of Sabinia/Zabaniya/Zabanya (whatever the name is xD)? Are those the GN armor light (that some people are talking about)? GN condensers, which preserve/store GN particles? Missile (or other armament) containers? Or, perhaps, some other stuff?
EDIT: Those box-looking things are called GN holsters.

Harute looks very cool *w*
And also, I'm looking forward to seeing more from Setsuna. I wanna see the pure performance of our Genuine Innovator ^^. And hey, I like the name of Setsuna's unit (Quanta.) It reminds me of the quantization that occurred in the season 2 of Gundam 00. Also, the word Quanta (plural of Quantum) refers to the fundamental or preliminary portions of anything that is involved in an interaction or contact (when it comes to Physics). Perhaps, we'll be seeing more interaction between Setsuna and his unit, Quanta. Well, anything is possible xD

And one more thing. Aside from these units, Dynames will also be featured in the Gundam 00 movie (Dynames R2 I think; It was shown in the trailer.) THERE IS A CHANCE that Lyle will pilot the Dynames R2 during the first few parts of the movie. Then, he'll use Zabanya after.
( Thanks to Lockon, and to Rain who informed me :] )