Nyan Koi review

Nyan Koi! - 12 - Large 18

Nyan Koi - 12 episodes but a second season is coming ! *yay*
Genre : comedy, little Harem, romance and kitties !
Summary (short one ^^) : A high school student boy named Junpei Kosaka get cursed by the local guardian of cats (unfortunately). The curse is simple, Junpei will slowly turn into a cat and he begin to understand their language but this is only the beginning. However, the problem is the fact Junpei have an allergy to cats so he will die from his own allergy if he turn into a cat. But to stop the curse, he has to grant 100 wishes from cats ...

No doubt, it's one of the anime you musn't miss this season. For me, it's the best comedy anime for this winter season (Sora no Otoshimono is in an other category lol). We end this year 2009 with a great serie, which is a high quality anime. But more than all, it's really open to the public (unlike Sora no Otoshimono or Seitokai no Ichizon). The theme (cat) is something cute and love by most of people (I don't often meet people who hate cats ). Well let's see deeper why I love it.

Even if it's not a Railgun episode, the animation is still good. I have nothing particular to say about it. What I love in this anime there is a plot original and lovely. With this, a colorful and great design which is also good, the chara-design have his personality and the cat are cute (Nyamsas is the queen !). Well, it's good in look.
But what I prefer is the characters (include cats), they have their charm, quality and default. There is various personality, from the classic guy to a weird girl surround by mafia guyz ...etc. I let you discover all these characters. I like Kanako since she is Junpei's chilhood friend and she also in love with him but she have to contain her love for Kaede sake. It's sad for her, so we have some pity. The funniest one is surely Nagi, with her two personality : one serious, manly and the hidden one who show her girl side (I cannot forget her voice haha). Of course, there are also cats and it's surprising to see how mature Nyamsas is (experience, ..boy)...
Another thing, the pace of the anime is good. In my thought, there are no disappointing episode they are all good and interesting, in my opinion the best one are the episode 8 and the last one. And it's interesting to see how they introduce the second season (surely for next year). I can't wait to see Junpei's father ...if his mother and sister are some weirdo, I can't imagine his father.

Good ++
- Entertaining, really fun
- Colorful and cheerful (it put you in good mood)
- Cats
- The story
- 2nd season

I don't have much default on it, but I really advise people who like to watch entertaining comedy, or who simply like cats ^^
Bad --
- If you dislike cat like I hate insect.
- Maybe girl can be frustatred to not see the couple Junpei/Kanako
- Too much girl ? (well, it's a bit harem so ..)

Nyan Koi! - 11 - Large 02
See You for the 2nd Season ! Nyan !