Gundam Unicorn second PV

Here the second PV of Unicorn ! Enjoy !
Source : SRW hotnews

Some mix of old scene, but there are some new one *happy face*
But we can hear the seiyuu now, glad to know there are not "Hirano Aya voice" style. Serious atmosphere around this Unicorn gundam, I'm really impatient to see more of it. ...oh, and Haro eat some vegetables, it look really big now ^^
You can also hear a gundam theme, not a pop style one, looks like a romance song. I can smell a good story...

A little opinion on the video, it show a little peek on Banagher Link (Unicorn's pilot) and Audrey Burne character, and Link have a strong sense of justice it seem, and Audrey have her own ideal (I heard she said "I won't die"). Interesting to know these characters have something, need to know how deep their character is and to see how the relationship between those two (who can be lover...I don't know) can evolve according to the story.
I have good hope on these 6 OVA, and ...I don't remember if they announce a release date for the first one. Well, let's wait a little more ...