Fuwa Fuwa time is back

I suppose you already know the meaning, yeah the famous anime K-ON is back. Second season, more money but ... where is the real music.
Yeah, the theme is music, even if it's not serious at all they shouldn't claimed the theme is music. For me it's more a slice of life than a real anime on music. I hope the music will have place in the second season since I wait something more serious when it come to music (ah ..I miss Beck). Well, it's not a bad anime but it's like Suzumiya (second season) style, it's something really mainstream, to attract people more than a interesting anime. This sequel will maybe more focused on music, since they will do concert, no more at school I suppose so I think they could level up or work harder (and serious ! not coming just to eat or drink tea).
As a bonus, take a look at those 2 links : Mio is sensible and "Utan~" can become a killer-hit

Well, it's a wait and see ...

[Source : Ann]