Code Geass - project revealed

Like I put in the breaking news, the project on Code Geass of a certain rebirth ... signed Zero (pff, you idiot ! you're dead, you better go back to your grave I mean Lelouch)

So, it was revealed -
Code Geass - Shikkoku no Renya (Manga 2010)
Alternative title : Code Geass - Jet-Black Renya or Code Geass - Renya of the Blackness
Original manga by the director and author of the television anime

Some information :
- The story takes place in the era of Edo period (uh ..what ?)
- The character Renya is a 17 years old boy with a mechanized arm who can throw/shoot 100 shurikens (
- An unknow character who look like Lelouch ... really mysterious
- CC (yeah, it's her) is back !


Really interesting to see a sequel manga ^^ And it seems to be a real Code Geass (not like the nunally chapter where Zero is a super-hero lol.

Source : Japanator and ANN + Kaijisoku site for the picture


Jubbz said...

So the project is a manga. That takes place in the Edo period.

This won't make any sense if i see knightmares running around...

chetcsturgil said...
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