Gundam 00 new pv movie

Exceptionally, I am here tonight, to post a gundam trailer I see 2 days ago.
You surely saw the screenshot ... no ? well I link you to SRW dude ! ^^ - Here ! and Here !!
I don't have much time ..but ..weird I dont find any excitation in this trailer, I was just impressed to see Graham here ... XD And Celestial Being with so many allies now.

Seems there is more innovator, and more manipulation ! Hell Yeah ! Kick their ass 00 Quanta !! (oh and cockpit view :)

EDIT [thanks 19.04]
Here some translation --
Inno-Lindt: “I’m/We’re/etc’s going. Don’t you want to know the true strength of an Innovator? Of course, [I'll show/tell/whatever] you as you please.”
???: “Veda accumulated data on the world through the Innovades. We are supervising and controlling them.”
???: “Commence particle missile attack upon reaching the [designated] point as per Plan D34.”
Lyle: “You’re slow. Even though you’re an Innovator.”
Marina: “I want to deepen our understanding of each other and search for the best path. Not by opposing each other, but through talking and understanding.”
Allelujah: “It’s alright. Swinging by from time to time isn’t bad.”
Nena 2: “The Federation Government’s secret data: it’s data on the citizens who have strong QBW and the factor to become Innovators.”
Setsuna: “Ribbons Almark!?”
Allelujah: “They’re targeting Marie! Why?”
Billy?: “Diet member [Klaus] Grad, make a proposition to the congress that they be forced into a QBW isolation institution.”
Sumeragi: “Tell him how you feel. Yeah, that’s necessary to understanding each other.” {EDIT: The first line might be Feldt talking. The transcript posted on /m/ attributes it to Sumeragi, and I’m not 100% sure who’s saying it from the voice. If it’s Feldt it should probably be more like “I’ll tell him how I feel.” but I’m just guessing at the context.}
Setsuna: “I don’t get it, I really don’t get it.”
Lyle: “Sorry, your fun holiday is over.”
Nena 2: “I wonder if you’ve read the materials I sent you? Mister Innovator.”
Sumeragi: “These are the dialogues to come…”
Setsuna: [screaming]
Lyle: Setsuna!
Hallelujah: “What are you doing!?”
Tieria: “We Innovedo have decided to walk alongside humanity. For that purpose!”
Graham: “I couldn’t bear it any longer, BOY!”
Setsuna: “Roger. 00 Qan[T], Setsuna F Seiei, heading out!”
Setsuna: [screaming]

Happy New Chinese Year

14th February, single so no need to celebrate Valentine day but .. happy valentine too ^^
However I'm asian so I think it's more important for me to wish everyone a Happy New Chinese Year !!


One Piece - chapter 574 (warning - spoil)

Remember ? Oda never made someone die in his manga ... at least a direct in live death (except the Vogue Merry).
Well, it spoiled a lot of people if they haven't read the last chapter but ... but ....
- link - OneManga : read chap 574

Gundam 00 movie - new picture (better quality)

I post it quickly before I sleep, not new, but in better quality ! ^^


See more .......

I couldn't help posting this video ... =3
Enjoy the show !

Source : Japanator

Gundam 00 news movie

I pass quickly on the blog to post some news ! I don't even have the time to look them carefully, I will just quote 19.04 seconds' post ! I would like to thanks my friend Soprano on Crunchyroll who post the link on the gundam group - Thanks to him, you can have this great news !


Hey Hey !! Who said it's the end of news .... Continue to look to see the information !