One Piece - chapter 574 (warning - spoil)

Remember ? Oda never made someone die in his manga ... at least a direct in live death (except the Vogue Merry).
Well, it spoiled a lot of people if they haven't read the last chapter but ... but ....
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Comment on the chapter

How could Oda made someone like Ace died !! Portgas D. Ace death is something big, after what happened during the entire battle, I never expect to see this scenario. Oda did something excellent (it's a boost in the manga story) but also really sad. Second time I was really moved by the manga (after Vogue Merry - I cried -_-) - but Ace is a cool and great character, and I'm sure a lot of people like me want to know more about him and to see him more in the manga. He's a important characters for me and also for the main character Luffy.
Well, he died in some terrible way, many people will surely react (Shanks ? Dadan - who is he/she ???) and of course Garp, Luffy and white Beard ! Luffy will fall in despair, again, he wasn't strong enough to protect the one he loves. In my opinion I think something new will appear in Luffy, a new fire after the long despair. Garp ... I don't think he will left marine, but there is some high chance he will take a break. And of course WB, if he died (he planned to die afterall) an another shock for the pirate world and more ...the world !

I forget important thing like all sacrifices made for this battle, and the heavy consequence after. It almost looks like a final battle of a manga before the end.
And all the mugiwara crew will ... be back stronger after all they will face up...

I'm pretty happy to see a separate way to develop more about each character, (I don't think Zoro or Nami will be really interesting as Luffy's part) but we all know they will be stronger. Luffy part was really something, no break, always moving ...and a sad feeling at the end ...
I feel so sad now, why he have to die, why him .... why Aka Inu was so cruel ... Oda better make something good for this act after !


Jelly said...

that's some heart-clenching image poetry in the comment on the chapter there! who drew it?

final battle before the end huh... OMG, WOOHOO! Does this mean i can read it without being left hanging waiting for the next chapter haha