Anime news -- Summer movie and Announcements

It's summer !! After the great comic-con events, we're back to our normal life lol, well ..animation will never let us rest in peace. So I continue to recap the next movies (here ..Summer Wars and Cencoroll) and most of interesting anouncement.
CENCOROLL --- movie
We begin with Cencoroll, which will be out the 22th August in cinema ...even it's not out in giant cinema complex I have good hope in this movie ! ..nothing new about this ^^ then let's enjoy the Trailer again (for me's again :P).

I'm attracted by weird thing ... and who can not say that this mecha-organism is weird ! I love the design in general and I'm pretty interested by the center of attention ..the mecha-organism. It can be a cushion or a jet Plane and I'm saying in my head : "Kakoii !! so cool I want one !". Well ..I have faith in this movie even the animation studio who did this are not some big name like MadHouse or Bones.
PS : I prefer the trailer 2006-2007 ..the chara-design look better.


I have some free-time ..finally, some freedom ! XD.

I'm sure you already heard about this event ...Comic-con ... It's a festival which take place at San Diego since a long time. This event turn around comics, super-hero like Batman ..etc. , and the major actor are of course Marvel and DC comic.

"Wait ...comic is not anime !" you will say ..well, yes you're right but this time it's different. This year ... anime is present and the relation between anime and comic become closer ..very close.

Thx Japanator for these Pics !! -- Link source

First, being with a smooth news ~~ .. well not really smoothy as you think.
Katsuhiro Otomo (Legendary author of "Akira") works on a game called Yoroinu/Armoredogs, a game ...but the only characters we know is little cute chihuahua named Chiwachiyo, a little samurai dogs with his mythic phrase : "I'm invicible !". Frankly I didn't expext to see Mr.Otomo to do such a cute dog.
Thanks again Japanator and the official site (english).

Anime Review: Kure-nai 紅

Another not known anime! And to say, my number one!! No anime ever was able to beat it! And that where I am ahuge gundam fan!

Its about the 16 years old Shinkurō Kurenai, who works for the underground organisation of Benika, who is his boss! Shinkuro adores her a lot, for something what happend in their past and would do any job. He is well trained in martial arts und ready to give up his life. And though he may look like a clumsy guy.

One day Benika appears infront of his super small appartment with a seven year old girl called Murasaki Kuhōin. She is the daughter of Renjō Kuhōin leader of the Kuhōin family, which holds the ´highest political influence in Japan. He abused her mother, who bea murasaki in secret and as a bastard. What made Renjo let hide them in his house and they were not allowed to leave it. Since her birth Murasaki was not allowed to leave the house nor to meet her mother, till her mother finially did suicide. Benika took the girl away from that house and brought her to Shinkuro who has to be her bodyguard from now on.

The normal life starts in the one room apartment of Shinkuro, only that the seven year old Murasaki is snobbish and stubborn and used to the higher class life in her fathers house. Now she has to go thru the day of a normal japanese! Amd gets to know the other of the small apartment house and shinkuros two school friends, while they have to be carefull that the Kuhōin don´t get her....

Fall season V.1

First, we all have to thank Chartfag for his work ! You can visit his blog here : Chartfag's Lair of Faggotry.

Click on the picture to see large version

For the moment, there is too much anime for fall, so I suppose some of them will be reported to next season.

So ...I will enumerate most of my pick-up list :
- The book of Bantorra/Armed Librarians (good and personally I like the music -- official site +PV)
- Darker than Black (I can't wait, but I have first to watch the first season -- official site)
- The sacred Blacksmith (I like the design ...that's all and Blacksmith's better than war maybe lol -- official site + PV)
- Fairy Tail (no need for a PV if you already know the manga like me, just hope the quality of the show if great)
- Kobato (haha ...Clamp, I remember seeing the trailer but the best thing is surely the plot -- official site)
- Winter Sonata (after multiple delay, it's finally here ...even I'm not sure it's for this season lol, It's really beautifull by watching these PV -- official site + PV)
- White Album 2
- Asura Cryin' 2
- Nogizaka Haruka no himitsu (I wished for a second season and here it is !! yay -- official site)
- Kampfer (I begin the manga, it has some potential ! -- official site)

This is far away what that caught my eyes, but I'm not sure to see all of this even I have time.
Animes I pick, are not the best, but they're interesting in my opinion. So there is some epic (romance of teh 3 kingdom) and sequel anime (Railgun) but for the moment, I put them apart. The most interesting is surely the book of Bantorra, and Darker than Black.
I see a trailer of Letter bee after watching the new Dragon Ball Z ... and it seems interesting.

For the definitive Fall anime season, I will try to put all trailers available.

And you, what is your choice ?

I guess since davy presents all the new and known animes! I will tell about some old and very unknown ones!! Lets start with Soukyuu no fafner! You may know the charcter design! ;)

On a remote Japanese island called Tatsumiya (lit. Dragon Palace), people had managed to hide themselves from the Festum using the most advanced technologies. It was the last Paradise on Earth.
At last, the Festum discovered the island and began to attack. However, the adults were not unprepared. They activated shield walls and sent out a young pilot, Kazuki Makabe (真壁一騎 Makabe Kazuki), to fight the Festum using a giant robot called Fafner. This is how the story begins.
Soukyuu no Fafner is one of a long line of anime/manga series which revolve around giant robotic mecha that are piloted by school-age children in the face of a great threat. Hisashi Hirai, who designed the characters for this series also provided character artwork for Infinite Ryvius, s-cry-ed, Gundam seed, and Gundam Seed Destiny.
The series features opening and ending themes by the Japanese pop duo angela. These songs are: Shangri-La - OP Separation - ED Peace of Mind - OP & ED for OVA
Sōkyū no Fafner: RIGHT OF LEFT, a 50-minute prequel special to the television series, aired on December 29, 2005.

My opinion:

You should not be folled by the character design of Hisashi! It will remind you on seed first, but the story is much more incredible! Its one of the best plots and saddest ones I have ever watched! I first speak about the series, because the movie, a prequel to the series, is to cry! Its about the youth which want to escape from the bored island to live in the big city of tokyo a beter life! But what if you can not escape to a bigger city, because the whole world got destroyed buy huge Festums? And your parents and everyone left on the island tried to had that from you to give you atleast a nice youth? But even they have to grow up and need to save the island for the next generations! They need to use the Fafners to fight against the Festums and make sure that they dun enter the island or even destroy the core ( with tsubaki in....the little sister of shoushi)! even using the Fafners is causing changes in the body of the users! And every pilot knows that they won´t live long! But they also know that they are the last line to keep away the festums from the islands, with the maybe last survicors of the war human against festums!! I have never seen so many people die in an anime series, never so said and never so heroic! But even if it is cruel, you can see that humans are able to work together and how strong their wish is to fight for life!!!

I can not stop to rewatch that anime!! I even love Angela and the groups songs, what fits the anime perfect!! Even though there ever will be tears, much more tears on the movie: " The right of left"!!! I only can tell you to watch that hidden masterpiece!!!!!!!

Maya's opinion: Sayonara aoki hibi yooooooooooo xD Angela rocks, this band's songs really fit the anime and are addicting so I had to start by this :P Ah, Fafner! This anime is a real tearjerker but it is, as Anna nee-chan said, a hidden masterpiece! I sincerely think that it deserves more recognition for it is a great piece of work, once you'll start it you won't stop until the end: action, feelings, interesting story plot and characters, there's everything in it x3 And the chara design...if Kazuki didn't look so much like Shinn I would have like him more xD But it's true that the stoy makes soon forget about the chara design. A must watch, definitely, but prepare a box of tissues, too many deaths, it's almost a genocide T__T
We already posted the big Goong manga review! What brings us now to the K drama! Small girls ever dream from being a princess! But how that so really is does show the drama Goong!

Goong is a story about young love in face of tradition, politics, and intrigue. In the imaginary world, modern-day Korea is a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family lives in a grand Palace, the Goong. Story opens with the sudden death of the reigning the King. Faced with the decreasing popularity among the public for the Royalty, a grand wedding for the Crown Prince, Lee Shin, is decided to be the best publicity move to improve the image of the Royalty and at the same time prepare Shin for immediate succession. The intended bride? The headstrong, awkward, and sweet spirited Shin Chae-kyung that just happens to go to the same exclusive art school. Chae-kyung was betrothed to become the next Crown Princess by her grandfather and Shin's grandfather.
After 14 years of living in England with his mom, Lee Yul appears all of a sudden. He is Shin's cousin as well as the former Crown Prince. Everything seemed to be going normally until Chae-kyung's optimistic spirit wins the heart of internally lonely, Yul. As the Crown Prince Shin and simple-minded Chae-kyung's relationship appear to developing deeper feelings, a series of scandals are exposed to the public right after the pair were officially announced married. Will love prevail all in a world of political pressures and martial hardships? Or will being in the spotlight of the public be too much for the young newlyweds to endure?

Flash Game - Gundam fighters pilot

I never though that my first game post will be this ... XD
It's really something ...I played a bit and it's really fun and funny lol ...even it lacks of manipulation to do a hadoken or a dragon fist .. lol

Well it's pretty various when you think about it, you can find gundam seed, even the pilot of the RX-78 and there is even gundam 00 the last gundam out in date.

Well too explain a bit how it works (keyboard):
A - normal attack
S and D for special attack
F for super move
and the direction "left", "right", "up" and "down"
Now you can play at it !!

Beast Master Manga

Beast Master is a romantic comedy manga by Kyousuke Motomi. (Serialized in 2 volumes)


Yuiko Kubozuka is a high school girl who loves animals. Unfortunately, the animals kind of detest her. (Actually, they flee from her whenever possible xD.) One night, a strange, animal-beast boy appears in front of her and saves her cat (but the guy ran away before Yuiko had the chance to thank him.) The next day, a transfer student, named Leo Aoi, was introduced to their class. Yuiko realized that he was the same guy who saved her cat. While all her classmates are taken back by Leo's scary appearance, Yuiko finds him pure and naturally cute. As she get to know him better, she finds out the secrets behind him.

... Canaan is already in model !!! ... it's still white but ..I can say "prototype" !! lol
Wow, it's a great job, just by watching the quality of the works ...very detailled, good proportion (yeah It's important ..of course !) and to end ...a Nice Pose ! X3
--> one more pic here

Now, I'm going to tell you about the 3 succesfuls dramas adaptation of the legen -wait for it- dary (don't mind that xD) manga Hana Yori Dango ^__^ All the 3 had a huge success around Asia and are really popular. For the summary and more infos about the plot, look the post I made about the manga in the mangas review, since the dramas have basically the same story plot as the manga of course.

Hana yori dango also known as Boys over Flowers by Yoko Kamio is the best selling shojo manga of all time in Japan. There is 37 volumes and it has been adapted in 3 different dramas (taïwanese, japanese and lately korean) and into an anime too.

Story plot: Tsukushi Makino is a girl from a poor family who attends an elite school,Eitoku,for the super rich. Her life becomes intertwined with the "F4",the ruling boys of the school, because she dares to stand up against their leader, Tsukasa Domyoji begins the story, don't want to spoil :P

My opinion: A must read! That could resume my post xD Seriously, the only thing I reproach this manga is the drawing (at least for the 15 first volumes *cough*), I have to say that it doesn't make you want to read the manga at first but you soon won't mind it when you start to get caught by the story. No kidding, it's what happened to me, I start to read it reluctantely but then after a few chapters it got me totally hooked up xD The plot is original and interesting (don't rely to much on my poor summary above :P) it deals with many different topics like persecution at school, social inegality, love of course (it's a shoujo afterall) and more. The characters are also original and are one of these few shoujo characters who escape the stereotypes. I like the different relationships between them, the way it evolve and the twists which occurs sometimes. It is also a very funny manga, there's some priceless moments that made me laugh to tears xD But it can also be sad and frustating, however it is never melodramatic. What can I say more? Well, I remind you that it is the best selling shojo in Japan of all time and believe me it worthed it. So don't be bothered by the drawings at the begining and let yourself being trapped in this great story ^__^

P.S: I'll do a post about the dramas later x3

Manga review: Yuu Watase and Works

I know everyone knows her works! Thats why I make a review collection! Since also known and really good mangakas should be known! And its a fact that she is, with her clear drawings, one of my favourit artists! = )
I hope you guys can forgive me that I am not able to post all of her works! First davy would kill me to use up all the space and then I only want to mention the imortant ones! sry that I am letting out Imadoki ( love it!!!) and alice 19!Here we go!

Yokuwakaru Gendai Mahou


Screenshot of my own review from Crunchyroll

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 -- episode 2

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 -- episode 2

First Impression here :::

Ah ! finally a disaster occurs .. well I shouldn't say "finally".
This is awesome how this is, it's like a disaster film. They choose some contrast in color, dull colors for the environment and some colorful one for the main characters.

Let's continue, a big earthquake occurs in the city of Tokyo. We learned it's a earthquake of 8.0 on the richter scale (I think the maximum in reality is around 7.5 no ?). It's really ... dangerous ! just watch the building cracked and the bridge cut in 2. But it show also that japanese building are tough against natural disaster. Well we know in Japan, natural disaster is nearly something in everyday life (oh ..maybe I'm exagerating :P) ... typhoon, earthquake, tsunami ... It's a lot. I think most of the people know that soon or later ...The Japan will disappear under the sea.
This anime can show some important gesture/move during a natural disaster and that's important.
Back at our anime, Mirai is searching Yuuki, she is in despair ..totally ! And a woman came to help her ... and I stop here ! ^^ watch the anime if you want to know what and how they will save him. Oh It's not a spoiler, we all know that Yuuki is alive ..just look the ED.

I'm still in "wait mode" ..I didn't see something exceptionnal but I'm getting more interested. What I wait the most is above all a change in Mirai's behaviour !! I want to see a new Mirai, not the one irritating from the first episode !
I'll continue but it's not one of my priority.

FMA Brotherhood new OP&ED

Since the subs are not out yet on megavideo, I'll just post the new opening and the new ending (Finally new ones xD) They're not really original but nice to watch, and they introduce the news characters ^ ^ I'll post episode 15 as soon as it is subbed on megavideo so wait for it, it's a nice one x3

New OP&ED (in one video)

P.S: It's Maya btw xD (who would post stuff on FMA except me anyway ? xD) I just changed my writting color for dear Kevin's sake :P
Its summer, its hot and soon its august! And whats in August? Japans biggest pop festival ever! A-NATION´09! Its one huge wish of me to see it! And maybe I can! = )

A-NATIO's biggest outdoor music festival in which numerous J-pop artists tour major Japanese cities. This spectacular extravaganza that serves as a great gathering of J-pon fans from all over Japan and the world is organized by avex, the prominent record label recognized for its history of releasing works from prominent J-pop artists. a-nation began in 2002, and every year since then, it has been a great showcase of popular J-pop acts.Listed below is the first round of artists that have been announced to perform at a-nation´09!

I know its already old, but thats why its good OLD classic! Azumi is one of my favourit Japanese movies, even though I never read the manga to it! So let me intodruce it to those who dunno it.


Movie1:Azumi (played by Aya Ueto) is discovered as a 7–8 year old girl kneeling without visible emotion next to the body of her dead mother by the samurai master Gessai, played by Yoshio Harada, and his entourage of young students. Azumi is raised in the martial skills of samurai and shinobi sword fighting, and the art of assassination. Azumi and her fellow classmates, now at young adult age, are constantly being told about a "mission" they must accomplish, though they have no idea what this mission is yet.
Prior to setting out on their mission, their master orders his students to "pair up" with each others' best friend and proceed to kill each other, thus out of 10 students only five will remain to proceed with the mission. Questions and internal conflicts begin to arise amongst Azumi and her comrades as it seems their mission even prevents them from saving a village of mostly women and children from being massacred at the hands of a group of bandits, as their primary mission is to kill the warlords Asano nagamasa, Masayuki Sanda and Kyomasa. Aside from the warlords, Azumi must also deal with a narcisstic mercenary, Bijomaru Mogami, whose sword has no hand guards as he claims to never have had to defend against attacks. He is very feminine in appearance, seen wearing makeup, having long hair and always carries around a rose. He kills one of Azumi's friends and is the final villain that Azumi has to fight in the movie. Azumi and Bijomaru fight to a standstill when Bijomaru, already insane, snaps. He becomes reckless and Azumi decapitates him.


Immediately after the final events of the first film, Azumi and her remaining friend Nagara are stalked by the men of a warlord she recently assassinated. Upon escaping, they are out-numbered and "out-gunned" and must join forces with a local resistance and a group of bandits in order to kill the remaining warlord and bring peace to Japan. To make things even more complicated for Azumi, she must also confront her emotions in regards to a fighter who bears a scary resemblance to her deceased schoolmate and friend Nachi.

My Opinion: Its one of my no1 movies! I mean as I heard that Aya Ueto will play and Shun oguri, I had a bad feeling about it! But man it turned out well! The plot, the actors, the music and the scenery are perfect! But I am a bit influenced, because I love those old style movies! Especially when they have to travel thru nature! The fights are bloody, but the story is it too! Everyone should know that movie, lols..thats what I think!! watch it and enjoy!!!

Cute robot

Nendoroid Drössel from Good Smile Company. 100mm tall. The eyes can light up, with batteries included. You know you want one but i happen to think this thing here would make a good snipeing target. Don't ask me why the F@@K i posted this LOL and ofcourse its japanease i hope it comes with a few guns but i imagine this thing would be kind of pricy.

Evyl' edit : Lol ! I wonder how Lockon can post this kind of thing ! ..well I prefer the Miku normal as this Miku-similar robot ... ^^

This is a preview of the upcomeing 00I side story which will be comeing out in september. This is a innovator side story (bugger) but it should be interesting and we could learn about the origins of the innovado.

Click on the linked text above the image if you want to get a closer look at it so you can read it
What is that ribbons or hilling or another twin. It could be a terminal type innovado actually it is and interesting that is purpose was to gather info.

Read page 2
Whose this guy and i love his hair proberbly the nicest inno hair do since regenne and from the looks of things he has just learned he is a innovator but i wonder what he will do next?
Whats this? 00 gundam on a destroy rampage but look i think thats the innovado maybe the double 00 is hunting them down. This is looking like to be a interesting side story and could also be a hint to what might happen in the movie. We know now there are a few innovado out there who have realized they are not human and who could decide to rebel agaisnt humanity or agaisnt the mission. Its still to early and i'm only guessing so we have to wait and see

Edit: is there something different about 00 sword/blade?

Cafe Occult Manga

This is a manga which i have been reading recently and i really loved it. Cafe Occult is bleach meets gun grave and is a story about a girl called Suh Rin who gets killed by a truck on her way home. She soon enters the spirit realm and finds her self being kidnapped but then a mysterious man who goes by the name young rescues her and takes her to the cafe Occult.

The cafe Occult is no ordinary cafe, it is a place where the realm of the spirts and liveing are linked and both liveing and spirit can go. It isn't long till Suh rin joins young in his adventures where lots of challanges lies ahead. Cafe Occult is very thrilling and fun to read with its action scenes and cute scenes with young and Suh interacting with each other. You can read it by clicking here

OMG is this the RX 78 statue going trans am ?. OH and heres a image of the RX-78 launching
sorry for the meaningless post evyl kun but i just couldn't help my self

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - First Impression

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

This is one of the anime I wish to watch !
Talking about the qualities : As I expected from Bones, the animation is great ! The design is normal, nothing good nothing bad, but this type of chara-design is the one to show us multi-face expression so I know why they choose it ^^ ..well nothing new here.
The anime is not white&black, it's a bit colorful ...but you can see this is a dramatic-disaster anime just by watching the good OP and ED. Specially the OP which is just a travelling of picture that schocked me a bit.

The defaults : ah !!! I will jump immediatly on the heroine !! Too irritating ! I can't bear to see this behaviour ! ..Raaahh !! It's been a long time I'm never be irritated by a hero. ...well another default ..for the moment nothing.

Well ...this episode is more a prologue ... "the calm before the storm" we can say ..and I think it's exact.

Screenshot home-made:
This is ...double picture !!!! XD
Nyahaha !! ...remember First impression of the first episode HERE

..A quick shot of the second episode with the story by picture !
They don't seem in bad mood today ...*grin*

Interlude ....

1/1 Scale Gundam RX-78-2

This is the most incredible thing you are going to see and once you see this i think you might just give up your religous beliefs. This here is the 18 meter gundam and its the only one of its kind and its the best statue i have ever seen. Hell i would say its a 100times better then the statue of liberty. But to me the 18 meter gundam is more then just a statue it is a glimpse of the future of warfare so take alook at this bad boy and leave a comment.

Here is a video to go with the screen shots

Evyl' edit :
...ahh ! Seeing it make me wants to buy a gundam model to build it at home. Well try to imagine this in your garden lol

Evyl' edit second edition :
Then if some people want to see the 1/1 scale gundam ... Other do a 4 feet Freedom Gundam in paper !! Bravo to Taras Lesko, you can see where I pick the video (follow the link on your left to see the video I'm to lazy to embed here.

Manga Review: High School Debut

High School Debut (also known as Koukou Debut) is a romantic comedy manga made by Kazune Kawahara. It has also been adapted as a Drama CD and a novel. (The manga was serialized in 13 volumes)


During Middle School, Haruna Nagashima gave her all for Softball. But now that she has made her High School Debut, she has decided to aim for a new objective: to fall inlove and have a boyfriend. She has one diminutive problem though - she's a disaster when it comes to fashion and she has no idea how she's gonna attract her yet-to-be-found love. Fortuitously, she had an encounter with the school prince, Yoh Komiyama.

Yoh agrees to be her love coach, in one condition - Haruna must not fall for him. (And that's exactly what's gonna happen XD) Should Haruna confess her feelings to Yoh? Or should she keep it a secret to herself?


High School Debut is a greatly entertaining manga ^ ^. It had truly caught my attention! I guess Ms. Kazune's wonderful work is one of the reasons why I become a manga fan ^__^

Obviously, it is a shojo manga (girl based manga) but I think guys can try reading it too ^ ^.

I like all the characters (and some of the stereo type characters are also funny XD e.g. Haruna's teacher) Well, my favourite character is Haruna. She's really funny XD and caring too ^_^. I like Yoh as well. He has a cool personality, and I think his way of showing his feelings for Haruna is pretty remarkable XD.

Some of the scenes are really comical and funny XD I love the way the characters, and the relationship between them, develop. The event transition, artwork and character handling were awesome. The plot is pretty unique and refreshing. I wish they do make it an anime (or live action)! Ohh well... XD If you want to relax for a little while, try reading High School Debut. And if you're a fan of romantic comedy mangas, then this is definitely the book for you ^__^

Skip Beat is an ongoing manga by Yoshiki Nakamura with currently 22 volumes and 143 chapters out. Available on onemanga and mangafox. There is also an anime adaptation of 25 episodes.

PLOT: A very short summary in order to not spoil too much: It's about a girl named Kyoko who is at the begining the typical nice and naive girl but one day, after has been heartbroken by her childhood friend Shô Fuwa (who is a rising star singer), her "darker" side awoken and with her strong will she decided to enter the showbiz industry to seek revenge. However, she finds herself a real passion for acting and becomes close to the famous actor Ren Tsuruga.

My opinion: First I have to say that the creator of this blog, Kiddo, a pure male as he says himself xD watched and liked the anime adaptation of this and read some chapters of the manga, SO even it's a shoujo aimed at girls, it's the proof that even guys can read it! xP
Anyway, this manga is just too funny, you can not help laughing while reading this xD Of course, there's also emotional moments but it never seems out of place.There's constantly things happening and the nice drawings shows well the energy of all the characters and their actions, especially Kyoko's. It's also a fresh vision of the showbiz world and the japanese's acting industry that this manga offer. I have to say that I like Kyoko's character who can so often switch from sweet girl to dark psycho in one second and I so love her inner demons xD Most of the main characters in this are really originals and have strong personalities but they're all likeable (except maybe the "beagle" ? xD), special mention to the president of LME who is just awesome!! xD Skip beat is a great manga and you should give it a try when u want to relax or laugh a little, and I also higly recommend you the anime adaptation^ ^