Gundam 00I Side Story

This is a preview of the upcomeing 00I side story which will be comeing out in september. This is a innovator side story (bugger) but it should be interesting and we could learn about the origins of the innovado.

Click on the linked text above the image if you want to get a closer look at it so you can read it
What is that ribbons or hilling or another twin. It could be a terminal type innovado actually it is and interesting that is purpose was to gather info.

Read page 2
Whose this guy and i love his hair proberbly the nicest inno hair do since regenne and from the looks of things he has just learned he is a innovator but i wonder what he will do next?
Whats this? 00 gundam on a destroy rampage but look i think thats the innovado maybe the double 00 is hunting them down. This is looking like to be a interesting side story and could also be a hint to what might happen in the movie. We know now there are a few innovado out there who have realized they are not human and who could decide to rebel agaisnt humanity or agaisnt the mission. Its still to early and i'm only guessing so we have to wait and see

Edit: is there something different about 00 sword/blade?