Anime Review: Kure-nai 紅

Another not known anime! And to say, my number one!! No anime ever was able to beat it! And that where I am ahuge gundam fan!

Its about the 16 years old Shinkurō Kurenai, who works for the underground organisation of Benika, who is his boss! Shinkuro adores her a lot, for something what happend in their past and would do any job. He is well trained in martial arts und ready to give up his life. And though he may look like a clumsy guy.

One day Benika appears infront of his super small appartment with a seven year old girl called Murasaki Kuhōin. She is the daughter of Renjō Kuhōin leader of the Kuhōin family, which holds the ´highest political influence in Japan. He abused her mother, who bea murasaki in secret and as a bastard. What made Renjo let hide them in his house and they were not allowed to leave it. Since her birth Murasaki was not allowed to leave the house nor to meet her mother, till her mother finially did suicide. Benika took the girl away from that house and brought her to Shinkuro who has to be her bodyguard from now on.

The normal life starts in the one room apartment of Shinkuro, only that the seven year old Murasaki is snobbish and stubborn and used to the higher class life in her fathers house. Now she has to go thru the day of a normal japanese! Amd gets to know the other of the small apartment house and shinkuros two school friends, while they have to be carefull that the Kuhōin don´t get her....

My opinion:

Its my absolutly fav anime!!! No one could beat it till now! I laughed, cried and I was thrilled! All in one! And the animation is incredible! The small Murasaki makes Shinkuros life to a hell, while she slowly falls for him ( I think as big bro)! She plays the cool one while she hides her pain. Aside of her snoobish acting she reacts older and vicer as some adults. But Shinkuro knows how to handle her and those two come very close. Not to speak of the secrets of Shinkuros past and thestories of the other characters around. Its the perfect anime with the perfect plot!! And you will start to hate the Kuhōins like I do, especially Renjo! The story with her mother is so sad. But I only can say, if u r not a guy or a guy with a good sense for plots.....WATCH IT!!!!!!