Fall season V.1

First, we all have to thank Chartfag for his work ! You can visit his blog here : Chartfag's Lair of Faggotry.

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For the moment, there is too much anime for fall, so I suppose some of them will be reported to next season.

So ...I will enumerate most of my pick-up list :
- The book of Bantorra/Armed Librarians (good and personally I like the music -- official site +PV)
- Darker than Black (I can't wait, but I have first to watch the first season -- official site)
- The sacred Blacksmith (I like the design ...that's all and Blacksmith ..it's better than war maybe lol -- official site + PV)
- Fairy Tail (no need for a PV if you already know the manga like me, just hope the quality of the show if great)
- Kobato (haha ...Clamp, I remember seeing the trailer but the best thing is surely the plot -- official site)
- Winter Sonata (after multiple delay, it's finally here ...even I'm not sure it's for this season lol, It's really beautifull by watching these PV -- official site + PV)
- White Album 2
- Asura Cryin' 2
- Nogizaka Haruka no himitsu (I wished for a second season and here it is !! yay -- official site)
- Kampfer (I begin the manga, it has some potential ! -- official site)

This is far away what that caught my eyes, but I'm not sure to see all of this even I have time.
Animes I pick, are not the best, but they're interesting in my opinion. So there is some epic (romance of teh 3 kingdom) and sequel anime (Railgun) but for the moment, I put them apart. The most interesting is surely the book of Bantorra, and Darker than Black.
I see a trailer of Letter bee after watching the new Dragon Ball Z ... and it seems interesting.

For the definitive Fall anime season, I will try to put all trailers available.

And you, what is your choice ?


kevinlmw said...

railgun of course, misaka is cute afterall.

Maria Holic 2nd session please.

Double H said...

Lots of anime on the line! hahaha! xD

I`ll just wait for your review, if it`s good then maybe I`ll give it a try! xD

Evyl-kun said...

haha you can count on me then !