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  • There will be three volumes of the Special Edition, each about 90 minutes in duration.
    • Volume I, release date 27/10/09, assistant director Nagasaki, will cover 1st Season
    • Volume II, release date 22/12/09, assistant director Tsunoda, will cover 2nd Season
    • Volume III, release date 23/02/10, assistant director undecided, will cover 2nd Season
  • Mizushima is currently working on Volume II.
  • Director's cut will include a scene of Alejandro & Ribbons and a combat scene of Dynames Full Shield. Narration is kept to the minimum.
  • Kuroda is zealously writing the scenario for the movie.
  • Movie will take place several years after the series
Mizushima interview
-Favorite characters are Nena and Shirin
-Big Morning Musume fan (I wouldn't be surprised if his schedule was made around MoMu events hahaha)
-Did not intentionally make 00 to have similarities to Wing (he did not watch Wing), but has been pointed out the similarities after the fact. 00 and Wing are the only series where the main heroes are the provocater. Bandai staff was around to tell him if 00 got too similar to the other past series; he was being very careful towards directing. Someone pointed out the similarity of the ambiguous relationship of Setsuna and Marina to Heero and Relena, while Mizushima's wife pointed out that both series had the pilots show up decending from the sky.

-Graham will be makiing a big comeback for the movie. Graham's Counter Attack. As Graham or Bushido? That's a secret.
-CB will be fighting "extra-terrestrials". (Now, at the 00 focus panel, it was under the assumption that plot lines of S2 were 'spoilers' because it's english release hadn't come out yet, so I couldn't really hear if that answer was directed towards S2 or the movie).
-Graham and Billy are strictly just friends.
-Everyone who lived or died was already planned out. There was no pressure from above to keep or get rid of a character.
-Incorporated a lot of current events.

Setsunas messege
I'm aware of [how] I've changed.
The expansion of my consciousness.
The suppression of my body's aging. {literally "the suppression of the aging process of bodily tissue" -- iirc this is the same "suppression" word used to describe the "healing suppression/inhibition" caused by red GN particle poisoning that Louise and Lasse had}
The [increased] sensitivity of my nervous system.
If I put it into numbers and words, it's those sorts of material changes that have surely occurred inside me.
But, beyond that "something" is calling out from within me.
That there is a reason that people are alive.
[And that] if I've noticed that reason, I have to push on without hesitation.
To pursue the path by which people can understand one another.

For that reason I live, for that reason I fight.
Even if I’m alienated from the rest of the world.
Even if I’m disconnected from humanity’s path.
Chosen to change myself.

I came and fought.
I came alive as I fought.
I never learned any other way to live.
But, that way of life was wrong, and I can see that this world that allows people like me [to exist] is twisted.
Humans, who have no need to hate each other, snatch away each other’s lives… It’s not possible that such a cruel reality could be normal.

And so, I wished.
And I sought.
For a world in which [people] don’t hate each other, or quarrel with each other, and people are allowed to live naturally.
But, how can I create such a world? I can’t think of a method.

Even though I can’t do anything but fight.
Even though I can’t do anything but destroy.
A turning point came to me as I was. {lit. “that kind of me”}
A private armed organization charged with eradicating war.
Celestial Being.
It occurred in [this] world, against each and every act of strife, an armed intervention, set on unifying the world.
Machines were created for that purpose.
Maneuverable weapons to eradicate fighting with war.
Because I was chosen to be a Meister, my way of life changed completely.
It was something I, who can’t do anything but fight, could do.
That’s the reason I live. {he uses a food metaphor, something like “that’s my life’s food”–I’m almost positive there’s an English idiom similar to this but I just can’t think of it}
For that reason.
I fight.