I have some free-time ..finally, some freedom ! XD.

I'm sure you already heard about this event ...Comic-con ... It's a festival which take place at San Diego since a long time. This event turn around comics, super-hero like Batman ..etc. , and the major actor are of course Marvel and DC comic.

"Wait ...comic is not anime !" you will say ..well, yes you're right but this time it's different. This year ... anime is present and the relation between anime and comic become closer ..very close.

Thx Japanator for these Pics !! -- Link source

First, being with a smooth news ~~ .. well not really smoothy as you think.
Katsuhiro Otomo (Legendary author of "Akira") works on a game called Yoroinu/Armoredogs, a game ...but the only characters we know is little cute chihuahua named Chiwachiyo, a little samurai dogs with his mythic phrase : "I'm invicible !". Frankly I didn't expext to see Mr.Otomo to do such a cute dog.
Thanks again Japanator and the official site (english).


Now ..It's hard ..some great news !!
It seems this time I don't need to talk ...


It's ..hard to believe but it's really Wolverine, frankly, I'm disappointed by the design ..I was never a big fan of this type of clothes and this hairstyle ..and even maybe his combat style not savage at all like how the original character is. Well .. the concept was re-worked so I can't wait to see the final result. But term of quality and atmosphere I have nothing to say to MadHouse, it's perfect !

Lockons take: the animation for the new wolverine looks very nice but the character design is so not like wolverine instead he looks like a girl with long nails. Wolverine is one of the best superheroes to come out of marvel comics and its a shame to see whats being done to him. Wolverine was never that skinny and he had a beard. He never had slow motion fight scenes he was fast phase and like a animal. But it does look good even if wolverine is totally different here and i guess its nice to see something new being done so i also look forward to it

Raiha Impression: The trailer is something as we can see it looks like the settings is at Japan . As we can see looks like wolverine use katana before use his bone or whatever it call . Anyway like Karl say wolverine really look skinny. Its will be a long wait to see this hope its good. 

Ronie: I agree with Karl. The chara doesn't look like Wolverine ish. Maybe if I watched the video without looking at its title, I wouldn't probably think that it's actually Wolverine. Anyhow, so far I think it's great (especially the animation). I'm not a huge fan of Marvel Super heroes but I'm really looking forward to seeing this.

Iron Man

..MadHouse again, Americans really love this studio hahaha ..
Iron Man anime ... It's perfect I have nothing to say about it ! ah ... maybe, the anti-hero looks like a man in 07-ghost ...XD ..this is what my brother say.

Lockons take: This trailers was awesome and i have never scene such a awesome fight scene in ironman. Ironmans character design is looking good as always and the same can be said about the bad guys who are both powerful and cool. If the anime lives up to this trailer then we will be in for a hell of a ride once this anime airs, i am so looking forward to it.

Raiha Impression: Wow , its really a good trailer but somewhat i think its still lack of something , i don't know what it is. Anyway it is a good scene they use something make me want to watch it . Hope to see Iron Man equipment more.

HALO : legends

Another adaptation that really moved me ... Halo adapt in anime by some great Studio animation like Toei (Dragon Ball, One piece), production IG (Blood+, Ghost in the Shell or the recent Eden of the east), Bones (Soul Eater, Xam'd, Eureka 7) and of course 4°C and Casio Entertainment. I was impressed by the Bones one ...I can't wait to see all these OVA.

Here all the cross licensing, in exchange America have to do some live-action (no ..not like Dragon Ball) ..of ..Live-action of ..I don't remember lol ..sorry

I think the post is incomplete, I'll complete the post after some research with my friend Lockon see ya for an edit soon !


mace said...

whoah.. comic-con...i saw soul eater drawing.. ehh is that wolverine?! 0.o sooo handsome..ahehehe

Evyl-kun said...

handsome ? ...he has to be more bestial !! XD

Lockon said...

hey wolverine is suppose like a savage animal not handsome

mace said...

whahahaha!!~ im just joking

Jelly said...

Well this is the first time i've heard about this Comic Convention.. anyways it's good to see that it's an artist pool! Thanks for the info~ ^^