Saying hi!

Yeah I am told to intodruce myseld here....first of all hi! XD

And here the stuff you never wanted to know about me...lols

Name : Anna~
Nickname : miu, mia...queen ( no joke XD)
Age : Soooo old and still kawai looking=3
Gender : Ore wa..G..Gundam...Female desu~
Writing Color : Lila~
Rank : Writer~......Actually the empress and a waaaaaay above Davy...but dun tell ^__^!!

Why ?:....what...whats that for a question! my answer should be: Thats why! XD Well reading from davys answer my one is obvious! I love anime and manga! Draw for myself and wana do animation! Ohhh ya and have a real Gundam! XD

What ?:....again such a ques! lols Well since davy can not handle something alone I am here! XD ( I so hope he never will read that!!! LOLS)

Chara?: I will have to warn: annoying! Trys to be kawai, but isn´t! A bit forcing...stern...! loves to cuddle ( everyone has bad sides) XD

I hope you guys are not too scared now! But I am really easy to handle, just a cookie and I am calm! XD ( because I can not talk while I eat!!!)


kevinlmw said...

oh mutliple writer in a blog eh, no wonder...

It catch me off guard thinking evyl/Davy turned into female hahahah LOL

since all i could see is black and purple text.

hmm... easy to handle? okay come here I pats at your head `good girl good girl`

Evyl-kun said...

Don't underestimate her Kevin ... she's really something XD

Ah you thought it's me first ? ..XD

ABC said...

*boah* He dare to pat my head! You should give me a cookie or....or...throws a paper ball at him! XD

And who says that i am not davys female way that would mean he is sizo!

Evyl-kun said...

he is wat ? ... sizo ?