Manga review: Skip Beat!

Skip Beat is an ongoing manga by Yoshiki Nakamura with currently 22 volumes and 143 chapters out. Available on onemanga and mangafox. There is also an anime adaptation of 25 episodes.

PLOT: A very short summary in order to not spoil too much: It's about a girl named Kyoko who is at the begining the typical nice and naive girl but one day, after has been heartbroken by her childhood friend Shô Fuwa (who is a rising star singer), her "darker" side awoken and with her strong will she decided to enter the showbiz industry to seek revenge. However, she finds herself a real passion for acting and becomes close to the famous actor Ren Tsuruga.

My opinion: First I have to say that the creator of this blog, Kiddo, a pure male as he says himself xD watched and liked the anime adaptation of this and read some chapters of the manga, SO even it's a shoujo aimed at girls, it's the proof that even guys can read it! xP
Anyway, this manga is just too funny, you can not help laughing while reading this xD Of course, there's also emotional moments but it never seems out of place.There's constantly things happening and the nice drawings shows well the energy of all the characters and their actions, especially Kyoko's. It's also a fresh vision of the showbiz world and the japanese's acting industry that this manga offer. I have to say that I like Kyoko's character who can so often switch from sweet girl to dark psycho in one second and I so love her inner demons xD Most of the main characters in this are really originals and have strong personalities but they're all likeable (except maybe the "beagle" ? xD), special mention to the president of LME who is just awesome!! xD Skip beat is a great manga and you should give it a try when u want to relax or laugh a little, and I also higly recommend you the anime adaptation^ ^