Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 -- episode 2

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 -- episode 2

First Impression here :::

Ah ! finally a disaster occurs .. well I shouldn't say "finally".
This is awesome how this is, it's like a disaster film. They choose some contrast in color, dull colors for the environment and some colorful one for the main characters.

Let's continue, a big earthquake occurs in the city of Tokyo. We learned it's a earthquake of 8.0 on the richter scale (I think the maximum in reality is around 7.5 no ?). It's really ... dangerous ! just watch the building cracked and the bridge cut in 2. But it show also that japanese building are tough against natural disaster. Well we know in Japan, natural disaster is nearly something in everyday life (oh ..maybe I'm exagerating :P) ... typhoon, earthquake, tsunami ... It's a lot. I think most of the people know that soon or later ...The Japan will disappear under the sea.
This anime can show some important gesture/move during a natural disaster and that's important.
Back at our anime, Mirai is searching Yuuki, she is in despair ..totally ! And a woman came to help her ... and I stop here ! ^^ watch the anime if you want to know what and how they will save him. Oh It's not a spoiler, we all know that Yuuki is alive ..just look the ED.

I'm still in "wait mode" ..I didn't see something exceptionnal but I'm getting more interested. What I wait the most is above all a change in Mirai's behaviour !! I want to see a new Mirai, not the one irritating from the first episode !
I'll continue but it's not one of my priority.