Summary Review

I'm too lazy to re-post all manga review here, so I simply do a summary like the streaming one previously.

First, the manga Review :
- Slam Dunk [Evyl-kun]
- Beelzebub [Evyl-kun]
- Seikon no Qwaser [Evyl-kun + warning ..some nudity]
- Honey hunt [Mia]
- Goong [Maya and Mia short M&M]

I also put here all the first impression from the old blog.
- Phantom Requiem : First impression, second impression
- Asura Cryin' : First impression, second impression
- Slap up party : Arad Senki : First impression
- Cross Game : First impression
- Sengoku Basara : First impression
- Guin Saga : First impression
- Pandora Hearts : First impression
- Tayutama and Shangri-La : First impression
- Tears to Tiara and Senjou no Valkyria : First Impression
- Hatsukoi Limited : First impression

Overall impression of the Spring season -- Impression