Manga Review: Suprerior

My first Manga post here on the new blog! Lets celebrate that date and add it to historys most precious moments! ^____^


To the plot: The story is about a world in which humans and monsters co-exist; but since many years ago both races have been at war, aiming for the complete extermination of each other.
Among the monsters arose an extremely powerful one, the Demon Queen; the leader of the monster race, managing to slay half of humanity all by herself.
The surviving humans elected a Hero whom would have the duty to kill the Demon Queen and release humanity from her oppressive rule.
But the Hero, Exa, questions his mission, for he anguishes upon the fact that all monsters are living creatures, the same as humans, and does not wish to kill any of them. Sheila, the Demon Queen, becomes interested in the Hero's principles and decides to hide her identity and join his side. Eventually however, she realizes that she has fallen in love with Exa, whom despite his wish for humans & monsters co-exist peacefully, has vowed to kill the Demon Queen himself.

My opinion: I actually love the story! Sheila the demon queen is at the beggining extremly cruel, because she does not know a different way! She was raised like that! And then she has her incredible cute side, made makes her fall for the so called hero who has to kill her! Hero itself is an kinda cute backa, who does not even know how the demon queen looks like! Thats why they meet and he saves her without thinking. Even if she is a , from humans called, monster! Sheila is shocked, because human tend to kill or hate every Monster they see. But hero tells her that he will not kill nor human!! His only path is to kill the demon queen! Its incredible nice made, because we think Sheila caused that trouble, but she always says when someone trys to make monsters bad: " who tells you that the monsters started that war, it happend so long ago, that we even can not remember who started that war!".

So actually that story is about rasicm and how people react, may it good or bad! The story is great! On onemanga and Mangafox! 22 Chapters are out till now, and I have a bad feeling about the latest ones! ( Actually girls should be more interested in that ^___^)


kevinlmw said...

seems funny, i guess i go read it