Summer Anime Season

I want to do it early but I couldn't because I was full in revision period .. Even for Maya and Anna.
So ..It's time to move ... to Do it ! .... I know it's late but I want to do it T_T

Summer Anime Season
Version.3 (after a V.2 and V.1) -- Thx Chartfag, plz visit his blog

I won't post every video and every Synopsis. So I really thanks RandomCuriosity for video and summary, ThatAnimeblog for more info. and Moetron for all his list of all TV/OVA/MOVIE release during this summer months.

Link List :
- Moetron summer release (Thx pKjd for all the big work he done)
- this is ...T.H.A.T summer anime preview 2009 (funny comments sometimes ... experience judged XD)
- Random Summer Preview 2009 (best place to see video trailer)

It's my turn now .. I will do a preview of Anime that interested me (and not this freaking "Fight Ippatsu" Ecchi turning in a hentai show ! ...pff)

... later ..time's up ! ^^ will edit this afternoon XD