Manga Review: High School Debut

High School Debut (also known as Koukou Debut) is a romantic comedy manga made by Kazune Kawahara. It has also been adapted as a Drama CD and a novel. (The manga was serialized in 13 volumes)


During Middle School, Haruna Nagashima gave her all for Softball. But now that she has made her High School Debut, she has decided to aim for a new objective: to fall inlove and have a boyfriend. She has one diminutive problem though - she's a disaster when it comes to fashion and she has no idea how she's gonna attract her yet-to-be-found love. Fortuitously, she had an encounter with the school prince, Yoh Komiyama.

Yoh agrees to be her love coach, in one condition - Haruna must not fall for him. (And that's exactly what's gonna happen XD) Should Haruna confess her feelings to Yoh? Or should she keep it a secret to herself?


High School Debut is a greatly entertaining manga ^ ^. It had truly caught my attention! I guess Ms. Kazune's wonderful work is one of the reasons why I become a manga fan ^__^

Obviously, it is a shojo manga (girl based manga) but I think guys can try reading it too ^ ^.

I like all the characters (and some of the stereo type characters are also funny XD e.g. Haruna's teacher) Well, my favourite character is Haruna. She's really funny XD and caring too ^_^. I like Yoh as well. He has a cool personality, and I think his way of showing his feelings for Haruna is pretty remarkable XD.

Some of the scenes are really comical and funny XD I love the way the characters, and the relationship between them, develop. The event transition, artwork and character handling were awesome. The plot is pretty unique and refreshing. I wish they do make it an anime (or live action)! Ohh well... XD If you want to relax for a little while, try reading High School Debut. And if you're a fan of romantic comedy mangas, then this is definitely the book for you ^__^