Eureka 7 -- Pocket Full of Rainbows

The movie was just get subbed ... 2 days after the movie was found on Internet (for me).

I won't spoil too much so don't worry if you haven't see the movie.

Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven : Pocket Full of Rainbows

In the year 2054 AD, the young person Renton Thurston joins the 303rd Division Independent from Fight which fights against unknown forms of life called "Image" under the command of the captain Holland NOVAK who leads the troops aboard the vessel Gekko-go. Renton has only an idea in head by joining the army: to save her friend of childhood Eureka, captured by creatures 8 years previously. He is so going to meet to dive into a war aboard Nirvash and the love of the girl and the young soldier will be subjected to many tests, between the duty and the feelings, the truth and the lies, the past and the future, the life and the death, the reality and the dreams. The last fight which will end in the birth of a myth is close...
Just for you ! To remember the movie plot ! ^^
I remind everyone that this movie is more a sequel and not really related to the story of the TV show.

Ahh ...finally subbed and I watched in streaming (urgh ...bad quality) so I think I will download it to watch again :P
Anyway, I have to watch again, there some little things unclear in my mind so ... I need to clear them'all XD.
Well, even it's in streaming, the quality of the anime is SUPER, nothing much change (for exemple ...Renton's clothes is exactly the same or really similar but however Eureka's one is different .. if I remember correctly). Then even I prefer the serie because the story plot is deeper and more interesting because of the developments of more of 1050 hours (yeah ... remember 50 episodes !) but the movie is really different so I appreciate it ! really really good !! ...oh Kamisama ! made a second OVA ... lol

Well, times for screenshots & fun !

Presentation of the team, dear Renton ! First "I'll never accept a life" if I'm not captain of the Gekko ! XD -- by Holland

Ikemas !! DJ Renton !

Crying Eureka thx !! ... no no *cry himself ...* uwaaahh sad thing !!

Eureka : Is it better like that ? Me : ...hum NO ! but I like your swimsuit ... (!) ah it's not a swimsuit ..

Ah !! I prefer this determined look ! *nod*

Hey think in the future, chatroom is available in toilet ?

Yahaa !! Even God can't do it !! *super shiny eyes !!*

Which situation you prefer, right or left ? ...I like the left one ... =3

Run for Cov .. ve... for your love Holland !!!

Anemone !! <3 Anemone bis !!
Anem ... ! oh shit I forgot Dominic ! XD

Talho=Gekko ...well if you want

Yeah, art&literature have his places in Eureka Seven.

Urgh ..I eat too much ketchup ...bouergh !

an important object, an important moment ! (don't pay attention to the sub ...)

Ah more screenshot ! XD

*link with my impression*
Well, most of the characters from the serie is in the movie ...someone have their role changed (like Dominic and Anemone ... waah weird to hear "Dominic-sensei") so ..I'm happy to see some events they put again in the movie (Talho got a baby too !! some scene similar also -- look when Renton practice you remember)

... the big new thing is surely Nirvash "Larva" ... it's looked like a Pokemon ! lol even TheEnd is one !! waah ..and it's so kawaii !!

I noticed the Nirvash mecha change a bit ... and every form is in the serie !! waah so cool !! but I prefer the final form in the serie ! ^^

...Well I won't spoil anymore I let you enjoy the movie like I did !

Link to streaming : AnimeMedia or AnimeCrazy


Jelly said...

I was wondering why eureka's hair was different and peculiar in these scans


and i almost mistook renton for eureka and vice versa! eureka's wearing renton's jacket; it's weird. ><

But at least she's prettier with her hair down! xD

Evyl-kun said...

If you watch, you will understand why her hair is like that at the end ^^