Anime Season, Review

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So ..shall we begin our review ^^

Umi Monogatari ~Anata ga Ite Kureta Koto~ [already Aired]
The “transforming magical girl action” story centers on Marin and Urin, two “pure” sisters who live alongside the fish in the sea, but yearn to be in the world beyond the water and above ground. One day, a beautiful ring falls in the middle of the sea, and Marin and Urin retrieve it. The two decide to leave their waterbound world for the first time to deliver the ring. After an arduous journey, they come across an isolated island where a high school girl named Kanon lives. The encounter between Marin and Kanon — the maiden of the sea and the maiden of the skies — awakens a hidden power as the world is threatened by an enveloping darkness.
This serie show some quality in term of Chara-design, pretty attracting. My first impression after seeing the trailer is a feeling of peaceful anime. But if you read the plot ... something will happen. Maiden story ..but Maiden don't have anymore this fish-tail XD ...
Blog it ? 50-50 ... I don't know ..maybe

Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Umineko no Naku Koro ni takes place primarily in the year 1986, during the time frame of October 4 and October 5 on a small, secluded island named Rokkenjima, owned and lived on by Kinzo, the head of the wealthy Ushiromiya family. Kinzo is near death, and eight of his family members arrive on the island for the annual family conference, where the adults plan to discuss how Kinzo’s assets will be divided once he is dead. Also on the island are three family members who live there, five of Kinzo’s servants, and his personal physician. After the eight family members arrive, a typhoon traps them on the island, and shortly after, strange things start to happen and people start dying.
Based on a visual novel ...I'm interested because it's related to Higurashi ^^ ...And I smell the great job from this show ! :)
Blog it ? ...hum to be continued I say !

The action gag comedy with “bishōjo x violence” is set in 2130, when large swaths of Japan have been quarantined as polluted “Black Spots (BS)” in the aftermath of World War III. However, there are people who have settled behind the massive walls of the Black Spots, where they have developed mysterious powers. The city people on the outside have a label for the Black Spot people they have ostracized: “Needless.”

When I see the studio ... (Black Lagoon, Hellsing) I couldn't say it's bad. Well a comedy action show !!

Blog it ? Have to see one or two episode(s) to judge

The short stories in the two volumes of Bakemonogatari deal with a high school boy named Koyomi Araragi and strange students he encounters. (”Bakemonogatari” is a wordplay on the Japanese term bakemono for supernatural creatures and the term monogatari for stories.) One student, a girl named Hitagi Senjougahara, almost literally falls into his lap, only to have him discover she has no weight.
After seeing the trailer ... I have a weird feeling .. and it's also beautiful. So by curiosity I want to watch !
Blog it ? *silence*

The serie is called before, 428~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~, a game frome SEGA for Wii.

It tells a present-day story about a detective, a young man, a virus researcher, a freelance writer, and a cat mascot character who are brought together by bizarre events with worldwide implications in the Tokyo neighborhood of Shibuya.
Ah !! Long time no see, a Type-Moon serie !! Canaan ! ... I don't have to worry about the scenario, it's a solid one. About the chara-design ...*hum* pretty pretty ^^
Blog it ? SURE !

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
The anime revolves around a very pessimistic high school teacher named Nozomu Itoshiki who, at the very beginning of the series, tries to hang himself on a sakura tree. Despite this effort of self-destruction, he is saved by an extremely optimistic girl known only as Kafuka Fuura. After having enough of the strange girl, Nozomu bolts to the school and starts his homeroom class, but the attempt to escape was in vain as he finds that the girl is one of his students. Not only that, but Kafuka is just the tip of the iceberg: each and every student in his class represents a new personality quirk or bizarre obsession, posing challenges that the suicidally-inclined teacher must overcome in spite of himself.
Hahaha !! Third season of this professor ... I will blog it ! but Before ..I have to re-watch the two first season :P
Blog it ? ... I'll talk about it, but streaming ... don't know

Princess Lover!
In the original game’s story, Teppei Arima is a second-year high school student who lost both of his parents in a traffic accident on their way home from a family trip. His grandfather, Isshin Arima, happens to wield the puppet strings in Japan’s vast economy and demands that Teppei becomes his successor as the head of the Arima Group. To prepare for his debut into high society, Teppei enrolls in an elite academy for the scions of the rich and powerful.
I see this character that look like incredibly to Saber from Fate Stay night make me feel bad ..XD as I can see, it's seem ..weird and hot ... (but it's not Fight Ip..something)
Blog it ? No but I will watch ! =)

Sora no Manimani
In the story, Saku Ōyagi is a quiet bookworm who moves back to his former hometown as a high school freshman. He meets his childhood friend, Mihoshi Akeno, although a traumatic incident long ago had left their friendship in an awkward state. Despite this, Mihoshi brings Saku into the astronomy club she founded, and this sets the stage for the slapstick romantic comedy that ensues.
The trailer made his effect ! School Rumble spirit !! so .. I couldn't put it aside. ...ah School Rumble and Harima ! It was good show !
Blog it ? ..I'm not sure

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

The story will center on Mirai, a middle school freshman girl who goes to Tokyo’s artificial Odaiba Island for a robot exhibition with her brother Yutaka at the start of summer vacation. A powerful tremor emanates from an ocean trench, the famed Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge crumble and fall, and the landscape of Tokyo changes in an instant. With the help of a motorcycle delivery woman named Mari who they meet on Odaiba, Mirai and Yutaka strive to head back to their Setagaya home in western Tokyo.

No more laugh ! It's a (natural) disaster anime, it's really original and I can't wait to see it to see what will be this show ! But when I think ...8.0 magnitude's big !!
Blog it ? I don't think...

This is only the TV serie, there is also "Aoi Hana" and "Taishou Yakyuu Musume" that show some potential. "Spice and Wolf" second season is an exception, I didn't watch the first season so I left this show apart. ...hum about "Princess Lover !", I don't know why I want to watch ..maybe it's this big chest lol. Well if the story don't show something original or interesting... it's => garbage

In OVA category, there is "Clannad" (of course I didn't see the second season, same thing for "Nodame Cantabile" that is really great but ...I miss the anime again. And ...the legendary Seiya is back a new form ! "The Lost Canvas", was pretty excited because it has a new design, a new character and a different story will take a look ^^