Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - First Impression

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

This is one of the anime I wish to watch !
Talking about the qualities : As I expected from Bones, the animation is great ! The design is normal, nothing good nothing bad, but this type of chara-design is the one to show us multi-face expression so I know why they choose it ^^ ..well nothing new here.
The anime is not white&black, it's a bit colorful ...but you can see this is a dramatic-disaster anime just by watching the good OP and ED. Specially the OP which is just a travelling of picture that schocked me a bit.

The defaults : ah !!! I will jump immediatly on the heroine !! Too irritating ! I can't bear to see this behaviour ! ..Raaahh !! It's been a long time I'm never be irritated by a hero. ...well another default ..for the moment nothing.

Well ...this episode is more a prologue ... "the calm before the storm" we can say ..and I think it's exact.

Screenshot home-made:
This is ...double picture !!!! XD

Mother and daughter=heroine ...*prepare his punch and aim for her head*

Father and brother


blahh !! why the best is always at the end ..pff

Judging with just one episode is bad, I know so I have to continue this anime !! This is ...the BEGINNING ...well enjoy my post ^^

Second episode : here