1/1 Scale Gundam RX-78-2

This is the most incredible thing you are going to see and once you see this i think you might just give up your religous beliefs. This here is the 18 meter gundam and its the only one of its kind and its the best statue i have ever seen. Hell i would say its a 100times better then the statue of liberty. But to me the 18 meter gundam is more then just a statue it is a glimpse of the future of warfare so take alook at this bad boy and leave a comment.

Here is a video to go with the screen shots

Evyl' edit :
...ahh ! Seeing it make me wants to buy a gundam model to build it at home. Well try to imagine this in your garden lol

Evyl' edit second edition :
Then if some people want to see the 1/1 scale gundam ... Other do a 4 feet Freedom Gundam in paper !! Bravo to Taras Lesko, you can see where I pick the video (follow the link on your left to see the video I'm to lazy to embed here.


kevinlmw said...

awww... seeing this i feel like completing the gundam model that i left when i busy