Hey Minna ^ ^

Here I go!

Name: Too awesome to be revealed xD
Nickname: Maya
Age: Too young for some, too old for others
Gender: Apparently female
Writting color : Blue~
Rank: Writter of randomness xD

Why ? Well, like Kiddo (Evyl) and Anna nee-chan I'm a mangas/animes fans! I love it so much that it can be scary sometimes xD And one of my dream is to go to Japan ^ ^
What? ... Let's say, Kiddo said he needed my help so I want to be useful to him ^ ^
Chara ? Huum, I'm someone you can call "suspiciously nice"... But don't be scared by the "suspiciously", you'll find out soon that I'm at least someone you can trust so Yoroshuku^ ^

Hope you guys will be many to come and enjoy this blog!!

Edit: I changed my writing color, now I'll use this blue~


Evyl-kun said...

Who are the one called "Kiddo" !? XD

kevinlmw said...

Maya, since here mostly is japanese anime website..

I think replace `kiddo` with `kodomo` is much better XD