Hana yori dango (manga)

Hana yori dango also known as Boys over Flowers by Yoko Kamio is the best selling shojo manga of all time in Japan. There is 37 volumes and it has been adapted in 3 different dramas (taïwanese, japanese and lately korean) and into an anime too.

Story plot: Tsukushi Makino is a girl from a poor family who attends an elite school,Eitoku,for the super rich. Her life becomes intertwined with the "F4",the ruling boys of the school, because she dares to stand up against their leader, Tsukasa Domyoji and...here begins the story, don't want to spoil :P

My opinion: A must read! That could resume my post xD Seriously, the only thing I reproach this manga is the drawing (at least for the 15 first volumes *cough*), I have to say that it doesn't make you want to read the manga at first but you soon won't mind it when you start to get caught by the story. No kidding, it's what happened to me, I start to read it reluctantely but then after a few chapters it got me totally hooked up xD The plot is original and interesting (don't rely to much on my poor summary above :P) it deals with many different topics like persecution at school, social inegality, love of course (it's a shoujo afterall) and more. The characters are also original and are one of these few shoujo characters who escape the stereotypes. I like the different relationships between them, the way it evolve and the twists which occurs sometimes. It is also a very funny manga, there's some priceless moments that made me laugh to tears xD But it can also be sad and frustating, however it is never melodramatic. What can I say more? Well, I remind you that it is the best selling shojo in Japan of all time and believe me it worthed it. So don't be bothered by the drawings at the begining and let yourself being trapped in this great story ^__^

P.S: I'll do a post about the dramas later x3