Ah~anh ... It's hot here don't you think ? ... *put his head front the fan*

But ... the temperature will not kill me ..and after I recover my total Freedom (=Holiday) I can finally this blog !!

So I should present myself even if you already know me ^^

Name : Davy
Nickname : ... Evyl or Evyl-kun
Age : ...hum ... *brzgrlh*
Gender : pff ... pure Male ..I mean .. Man ! ^^
Writing Color : Orange
Rank : Admin and Creator

Why ? I'm a big fan of this weird country ..Japan, but I'm above all interested about Animation, Art, ... that's mean the Otaku culture ... I think this word is a bit strong, so all Japanimation culture. Manga and Anime is my favourite.
What ? What I'm doing here ? ... I want to reveal the show (Anime serie, ..idiotic video or artistic video) from Japan or related to this culture to everyone.

Another question ?? ... Well I left the rest of the presentation to my comrade Anna and Maya
If not ..then See you Later !!


kevinlmw said...

but quite hard to read orange article, although it striking as a title colour.

yesterdays didn`t read the bottom description thought you have changed your gender to female lol

Evyl-kun said...

Nah it's okay ! We're 3 in the team for the moment ...maybe a fourth one ^^