Hiya Guys

Name: Karl
NickName: Lockon
Age: Top secret
Gender: A dude
Writing Colour: Dark Green
Rank: Evyls second

Why? : I am a regular vistor to evyls blog and i thought its high time i become apart of it and help out. I also love animes and this blog is my number one source when it comes to animes XD its much better then animemedia you can trust me on that.

What?: My role in this blog is to handle all gundam related matters and gameing stuff along with other things .

Chara: Well i am the type of guy thats always up for a laugh and enjoys jokeing around. I do talk alot but that doesn't mean i am a gossip girl. I can also be caring and loveing when i want to be so that just about does it . Oh i am also still looking for that special someone so if any of you ladies are interested just leave a comment with your phone number and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope you have a awesome time at this blog


Anna said...

You actually were 5 times lovely and tahts all! XD And evyls second...*pft*....I am already above you!!!!!!

joey said...

Lockon, I mean Karl? o_O, now is not the time to pick up girls. Lol But darn, that reminded me of The "Lockon Stratos". Haha

Raiha said...

hey we are like twin use same color just u use dark green

Lockon said...

i came here expecting ladies and phone numbers but instead i got rai,joe and miu which is also great but i got my hopes up 4 nothing