Flash Game - Gundam fighters pilot

I never though that my first game post will be this ... XD
It's really something ...I played a bit and it's really fun and funny lol ...even it lacks of manipulation to do a hadoken or a dragon fist .. lol

Well it's pretty various when you think about it, you can find gundam seed, even the pilot of the RX-78 and there is even gundam 00 the last gundam out in date.

Well too explain a bit how it works (keyboard):
A - normal attack
S and D for special attack
F for super move
and the direction "left", "right", "up" and "down"
Now you can play at it !!

PS : if you're hungry, I invite you to take the special cup noodle with a mini gundam in =P

Lockon Edit: Wow i got to thank evyl for this game, thanks to this game i was able to take out all my rage on a certain character WOO HOO. The screenshot is of me playing as neil and snipeing the hell out of teria WOOHOO.

Round 1: lockon vs teria : I had a bad start in round 1 with teria coming out with a gn bazooka and i didn't know what the hell to do but by pressing down i was able to activate dynames full shield. But my life bar was down and i soon got killed.

Round 2:I soon found out how to do one of the moves which was a gn pistol attack followed up with a beam sabre slash. Teria wasn't haveing any of it and went trans am causeing me to go on the defense and i kept blocking with the full shield and countering with the gn pistol and beam sabre attack till i won.

Round 3: Teria mean't business this round and started attacking from above but i soon learned how to fire gn missles up in the air knocking teria down a number of time.Using the same tactics as before i soon defeated teria with a big smile on my face

Raiha Edit: This game can be categoried as good i say . Each time you choose someone else to be you will find out that there will be different enemy


joey said...

*Snipes Lockon in revenge!!!* Lol

mace said...

whoah!!~ that game reminds me of crunchyland!!~