Anime Review: Fafner of the Azure aka Soukyuu no fafner

I guess since davy presents all the new and known animes! I will tell about some old and very unknown ones!! Lets start with Soukyuu no fafner! You may know the charcter design! ;)

On a remote Japanese island called Tatsumiya (lit. Dragon Palace), people had managed to hide themselves from the Festum using the most advanced technologies. It was the last Paradise on Earth.
At last, the Festum discovered the island and began to attack. However, the adults were not unprepared. They activated shield walls and sent out a young pilot, Kazuki Makabe (真壁一騎 Makabe Kazuki), to fight the Festum using a giant robot called Fafner. This is how the story begins.
Soukyuu no Fafner is one of a long line of anime/manga series which revolve around giant robotic mecha that are piloted by school-age children in the face of a great threat. Hisashi Hirai, who designed the characters for this series also provided character artwork for Infinite Ryvius, s-cry-ed, Gundam seed, and Gundam Seed Destiny.
The series features opening and ending themes by the Japanese pop duo angela. These songs are: Shangri-La - OP Separation - ED Peace of Mind - OP & ED for OVA
Sōkyū no Fafner: RIGHT OF LEFT, a 50-minute prequel special to the television series, aired on December 29, 2005.

My opinion:

You should not be folled by the character design of Hisashi! It will remind you on seed first, but the story is much more incredible! Its one of the best plots and saddest ones I have ever watched! I first speak about the series, because the movie, a prequel to the series, is to cry! Its about the youth which want to escape from the bored island to live in the big city of tokyo a beter life! But what if you can not escape to a bigger city, because the whole world got destroyed buy huge Festums? And your parents and everyone left on the island tried to had that from you to give you atleast a nice youth? But even they have to grow up and need to save the island for the next generations! They need to use the Fafners to fight against the Festums and make sure that they dun enter the island or even destroy the core ( with tsubaki in....the little sister of shoushi)! even using the Fafners is causing changes in the body of the users! And every pilot knows that they won´t live long! But they also know that they are the last line to keep away the festums from the islands, with the maybe last survicors of the war human against festums!! I have never seen so many people die in an anime series, never so said and never so heroic! But even if it is cruel, you can see that humans are able to work together and how strong their wish is to fight for life!!!

I can not stop to rewatch that anime!! I even love Angela and the groups songs, what fits the anime perfect!! Even though there ever will be tears, much more tears on the movie: " The right of left"!!! I only can tell you to watch that hidden masterpiece!!!!!!!

Maya's opinion: Sayonara aoki hibi yooooooooooo xD Angela rocks, this band's songs really fit the anime and are addicting so I had to start by this :P Ah, Fafner! This anime is a real tearjerker but it is, as Anna nee-chan said, a hidden masterpiece! I sincerely think that it deserves more recognition for it is a great piece of work, once you'll start it you won't stop until the end: action, feelings, interesting story plot and characters, there's everything in it x3 And the chara design...if Kazuki didn't look so much like Shinn I would have like him more xD But it's true that the stoy makes soon forget about the chara design. A must watch, definitely, but prepare a box of tissues, too many deaths, it's almost a genocide T__T