Fall season review part II

First post of the year 2010, yeah ! And I wish to everyone a great year full of emotion and happiness ! Oh, and I suppose you notice but we're in a tiger year (after the cow year). It's Taiga (Toradora) year in short ! haha .. Oh and if you miss the first part, it's okay ^^ you can follow this link so you won't be left behind.
By the way, I also ended Seiken no blacksmith however I posted in this post since I finished today. In summary, we will talk in this post about series I began (more than one episode) and there is a ton : Book of Bantorra, Railgun, Letter Bee, Fairy Tail and Kampfer. Kimi ni Todoke and Kobato can be in the post but since I'm blogging them, I thought it's unnecessary to put them in.

Seiken no Blacksmith - End
When I look at Lisa, I always say :"K-onish design ?". And yeah, it's quite a similar design, this is my thought also at the beginning and I was scared to stop the the serie since this design won't fit to the plot. However, when Luke appear, my vision has totally changed. Thanks to the others characters (other than Liza and Cecily) there is a better design, more shonen and it's really attracting I can say. After ending the anime, characters don't seem as simple as the beginning show, they have their little default that make us love them and the most surprising is of course Cecily who accept his default and know her weakness but she can recognize the human values. You shouldn't underestimate Seiken no Blacksmith just by judging by the first episode, you have at least, to watch the 6 first episodes. In my opinion, the story is average but the strong point is the series of event which build a awesome rythm from the first to the final episode and thanks to this, you can't see the time when you're watching. But the final episode was more frustating since it give us an impression of an unfinished anime ... And I pray for a second season (yeah, again a second season, maybe the crisis can't make them in 24 episodes ?)
I like :
+ Cute design
+ "Untouchable" Rythm
+ Some fight which are great
I dislike :
- The feeling of a "no-finished anime"
- The female blond at the end, who was finally nobody in the story
- What's really Valbanill ?
Overall : A very good average anime and a second season please !

Tatakau Shisho : Book of Bantorra - still airing
One of the serie I wait the most, but I ended disappointed a bit (Because I put so much hope in haha). Even if I stopped around the episode 12 I can judge the default of Bantorra. Let's begin with bad thing. The story is composed of multiple little arc who show something in particular (I was also asking how can the plot told on ANN before the anime begin can be exploited during 26 episodes). And the CG ...I'm sure everyone noticed them, they're bad, really bad. And the final weak point is ...it's difficult to be attracted by Bantorra at the first look, a bit hard to follow and it's why I abandon it for a moment.
However, there is plenty of good and I will detail only one, the world, it's interesting to see how "book" mean in the anime and not only this, there is a dark atmosphere around the entire show and if people love anime with fights, mysteries, dark and unsweet (a seinen :)) Book of Bantorra is for you and you will be pleasured ^^
I like :
+ The Bantorra world
+ Character design and their power/clothes styles
+ Fight animation
+ Seinen-like
I dislike :
- Hard to follow at the beginning
- CG

To aru no Kagaku no Railgun - still airing
No doubt, it's the best big anime ! Even if I wasn't first not really into it, the first episode made me want to see more and it's a good thing. Even if there are not a solid story (I mean ... a beginning and the end and between the development) it's more mini-stories and at the end you can see there is a link between all episode. I won't complain, but there is a lot of spice of life episode, and the latest one (episode 12 was ...woah) were the real atmosphere of a "To Aru" and this is what I wait the most. Other point, there are relations between characters, stronger than To Aru Majutsu Index and it's good : like the stupid relation Misaka and Kuroko or the best friends Uiharu and Saten. I can't say a bad thing about it ... it's the only anime which is like what I expected !
I like :
+ Design
+ Animation !!!!
+ Biribiri ^^
+ Touma still appear
I dislike :
- ...The soundtrack could be better, what a shame
- Too much slice of life maybe

Letter Bee - still airing
An another anime I didn't planned to watch before, and thanks to crunchyroll I begin and I was attracted. I will try to not spoil so much about the story and at the moment I stopped since 2 weeks because I want a bunch of episode to watch in one-time ! The design is not the best one but it give some originality and personal design. The story is quite good and the best part of this anime is surely how they show emotion ... since the job of a Letter Bee is to deliver a letter through danger and everything, but they deliver letter with feeling, so they are very important to connect people between them. The first episode, where Lag was the letter and when he have to leave Gauche since he was delivered, was a sad and moving scene. And a bit later, when he know what happened to Gauche, we feel more sadness we share with the anime character and like Lag, we won't abandon and continue the road he took... And I was so moved and frustrated that I begin the manga (and I spoil myself ...idiot -_-) but this is becoming more and more interesting.
I like :
+ The Letter Bee
+ Emotions
+ The general (fairy) atmosphere
+ Moving character
I dislike :
- Lag is still a kid
- The monster could be ...more monster ?

Fairy Tail - still airing
Adaptation of the popular shonen like Bleach or Naruto (One Piece is in an another category :) ), Fairy Tail is in anime right now. I wasn't not into it, since I just like the manga (not more) but it's interesting to see how it turned in the anime (I love Rave anime and manga so ...) but I was a bit disappointed when I see how bad the realisation is. A bit like One Piece which is a 300 episodes so it's normal. For a 25 episodes (I think), the quality isn't so good as an average anime, it merit a better animation for big fight (like against the deathscythe guy). However, the voice was good and the original design is respected ^^
As far as I watched, this is the same as the manga scenario. But in despite of the lack of animation for this level of shonen, it's still very good since the story goes to GĂ©rard (good !) I suppose and I have faith in it.
I like :
+ Faithful to the manga
+ It's the beginning and it's get better after ^^
+ If you like shonen, you must watch !
I dislike :
- Too weak animation for Fairy Tail ...what a shame

Kampfer - end
The ecchi and anime-for-nothing as I can see. I read a little the manga, not good, not bad but there is some interesting action scene. And this is what I wait. Finally, I heard (I haven't watch all episodes) the show was interesting at the beginning but when it end you're like "meh ! face" and you feel like you lost some precious time .... In summary ^^
I like :
+ Genderswap ?
+ Pretty girls and pretty design
I dislike :
- Not fun at all (in my opinion)
- Useless end ... feeling of incomplete serie

This fall season wasn't neither interesting, nor bad. If you want some short good anime, I advise you Darker Than Black, Nyan Koi and Sora no otoshimono (the best so far). For some shonen lover you can have Railgun, Blacksmith, Asura cryin' and Fairy Tail. And for the one who wants to be surprised or they want something different you can have 11 eyes and book of Bantorra.
Well, you have the choice, but the most interesting was Nyan Koi, Sora no Otoshimono and Railgun for me. And I was satisfied because there is no big deception in this anime season since there is everything for everyone ^^