Gundam news - Unicorn third PV screenshot and Full view on Quanta

Hey ! This morning, this is time for a bunch of the screenshot of the third PV of Unicorn. I'm too lazy to upload them on the net, so I send you to the original source for these pictures ^^, I thank him a lot, since the video is nowhere for the moment so ... Some delicious teaser of the last PV (I suppose it's the last one).

Link on picture, please click on it

I wait the PV to be released officialy but if you can not wait, then you can go and hear (and watch) the main theme song by Chiaki Kuriyama.

And here some yummy scans from the gundam ACE magazine ^^ (and thank SRW hotnews for posting them). ...The Rezel gundam look ...good ! Can't wait to see it in action in the PV ^^

And finish blow with the full view on Quanta mobile suit, I let you judge from his elegant body ^^ - Thanks a lot Ronie !!!


Jelly said...

WOOT ANIMATSURI TEAMWORK thank u sattha+davy combo for this quality scan;

Finally we get to judge for ourselves the validity of chiaki k. reputation that preceded her ~ Hmm this was not what I was expecting; I was surprised they gave unicorn a slow j-rock song akin to music of the late nineties or early 2000s.. but then again it matches the unicorn character design that went back to the 'Astroboy' days ~ so all in all it's a suitable choice. I just don't like the music video -- her lipsinging was too obvious and it's too similar to the Yuna itou style.. is this the trend today? i wonder.. =_="

And the gundams in that ACE mag look like Flags (their silhouettes) but if we look closer we can see the sophisticated architecture that makes them Gundams. *waits for detailed [blue]-mech design-prints*