Gundam 00 - A wakening of the Trailblazer : Gundam vs Alien ?

Sorry to take the train on the way, but ... hey, I won't post again the latest trailer of gundam. I'm sure you already saw the 6 eyes Harut, or the kick-ass Zabanya .. or the pig fat - slim leg Raphael XD ... oh forgot the Quanta ^^

Well, I'm really sweet, I will post the last trailer out ^^

Pretty impressive show but I hope it will be the end of that long long story. Gundam versus Alien, seems the article in NikkanSports revealed something that will confirm rumors and the madness or the genius of the old geezer of Celestial Being.

Here the photo .... wow

It said "ELS" means "Extraterrestrial Livingmetal Shapeshifter" ... uwoooh, why scientist always search to be so complex. Well, it's clearly not a human being ! When you see this object, weird, like a reverse ice cream cone ... yeah, it's an ELS.

Now, since I didn't comment on the trailer, I will now ^^
I'm not impressed, since all these scene ... we already saw them. But I have some thing I do not wish to see, that war between gundam (human) and ELS won't be simply a shooting exchange. It's boring ... want to see some infight ! Also, the role of Descartes in this movie .. hope it's a manipulating type persons, an evil one ... missed someone in gundam, that's really bad !
Also, I suppose the story will be related to everyone, princesse Marina, Louise and Saji ... CB crew (Feldt !! your hair !!! T__T ) and ? or Innovators ?

Source : Yunatiki and Ngee Khiong