Cencoroll 2

Hey, remember of Atsuya Uki, The man behind Cencoroll, an independant anime.

Well, we've got some crunchy information, the production of a supposed "Cencoroll 2" is up ! Got the green-lit.

It will be a continuation of Cencoroll, story, characters, we will finally see more about them and Cenco
It seems Cencoroll got a pretty good feed back, and most of the people wish to know more ... Yahoo, we will see Cenco again !!This mysterious little weird monster, that can transform in almost everything. Kind of impressive, I remember, I even said "I want one !!!" in my head while watching the OVA.

I pray that won't be abandonned later ! Let's pray for it ! It's one of seldom independant anime pearl, original, but incomplete, let's make it complete now ! *pray* ... ah .. who I can pray, I'm atheist... well just pray for their happiness and success !

Source : ANN / Atsuya Uki's blog