FALL Anime season V.2

FALL Anime season V.2.

Oh, already a Version 2, this is out really sooner than usual. Well, If you wish, take a look at the file (click to enlarge) to see summary and all. I invited you to watch preview done by THATAnimeblog (you find also, link for trailer even if you can find some of them on the blog but you have to search so ...). Well, Let's begin reading my anime fall list ^^ .... [to be continued]

Evyl-kun's pick :
- Darker Than Black : Ryuusei no Gemini
I wait this serie with impatience. Still remind the first season, and so powerful but there is still some dark point I didn't understand. Well I'm happy to see Hei and Yin teamwork (no more talking cat in ...). I expected some good animation since it's the studio Bones, I'm confident about a solid story and various characters. And more than this, it's a second season of a great anime !
Pick Percent : 100%

- Armed Librarians : Book of Bantorra
The plot sound so ...pitiful (ironic), the hero seems to have no conviction since he falls in love with the one who is the most powerful librarian. Well, I won't blame him since his memory was erased and was ordered by some superior order. Even it's sound like a classic plot I wait this anime with pleasure since I was charmed and attracted with the trailer ! The music is beautifull and give us an great atmosphere (I love this kind of OST). This show is full of action, with what I saw in the trailer (and these Dogs episode), I have faith in the studio David for doing this serie.
Pick Percent : 85%

- Nyan Koi
A little comedy show this season, I'm pleased with this one and I choose this one ...because it's Cat show ! The story is interesting, I wonder what kind of thing the hero have to do ... *grin* I'm sure there is some evil tasks. The design looks pretty (oh ... some bishojo also) and Cat are always funny so It's one more positive point that made me watch it.
Pick Percent : 80%

- Fairy Tail
Shonen anime ! and One ! After the new FMA (it's turning slowly in a seinen seriously) of 50 episodes, here we go with Natsu and co. I read the manga and I hope this is a faithfull adaptation. ... I wait for Erza appearance ! x3
Pick Percent : 100%

- Asura Cryin' season 2
Season two oblige ! ^^ ... And watch oblige ! I just hope this is better than the first season !! :)
Pick Percent : 90%

- Kampfer
I was attracted by one of the art, so I read the manga. Even the concept of swap gender is a bit moe moe or ecchi in some pervet eyes (not me Mia !) and I see some great action scene. Even I doubt about a solid plot, I have to confirm if it's a good choice or not.
Pick Percent : 60%

- Kobato
Oh, I'm sure everyone miss Clamp ? right. Well this is the most poetic and interesting (I'm sure a sad end await us) plot. I won't doubt about the plot. Now I wait to see the chara-design in the anime to know if I will fall more in love with it ^^. In prevision, cute things, smile and tears will come.
Pick Percent : 90%

- Letter Bee
I see a trailer of it while ago. I still have doubt ... if I should watch it or not. Well the plot, doesn't attract me. But I will watch the first episode to see if this one show some interesting things !
Percent : 30%

- The sacred blacksmith
Pretty good design ~~ huh ^^ I like it, I put it on my anime watch list because I feel some potential in it. It's still just a feeling, the only way to confirm this greatest thing is of course to watch it !
Percent : 45%

- Winter Sonata
And here my final pick for this season. This one is special, they retake a Korean Drama. Even if I'm not fan of Korean drama plot at this moment. But the best thing is the quality of the anime, it approach a Movie quality. I was ... 0.0 ! Well this is one promising show !
Pick Percent : 75%

Minor Picks :
- Nogizaka : I watch once the first season, I will surely watch this one but after all episode was released *fufufu*
- A certain Scientific Railgun ~~ Don't have interest for the moment, even if I know it's a good one, I keep it for later !
- White Album s2 ~~ Too peaceful rythm, I couldn't bear it at a spring time for the first season. However I think I will watch the first and second season in one time !
- 11 eyes ~~ I just keep one (not 11 ...) eye on it.
- Kimi no Todoke : I also keep an eye on it. If people found it interesting (for me and for them) then I will try to look at it !
- Blue Literature : this one sound so serious that It made me prepare to watch it. One day, if I feel okay to watch, I take a look.
- Kiddy Grade : ...oh finally ? ...no a second season after so many years !! Well you remind me to finish the first season. I don't know if I will watch but if it's a super-quality anime then they keep their promise after so many wait. So ...I'll maybe follow the public' choice.

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